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Dilshey Jul 2021
We meet once again
always standing face to face
with a questionable glance
and an unfamiliar trace.
emotionless and still
testing out a smile or two
in yet, a judgemental stance
curved mouths that don't feel true.
And of course sometimes we dance
& re-enact our favourite scenes
do extreme fashion shows
before stepping outside by all means.
A peculiar friend you are
& a puzzling character too
who makes me feel like a queen
or implies that I belong at the zoo.
We are one & the same
yet so foreign-
The being in the reflection
of my silver screen.
Namita Anna Givi Dec 2020
The shore is at sight
People around me all merry-n-bright
I see the shore - this journey's end
Yet the familiarity of the shore, I fear
For my solace now lies in the vast, vast sea.
Navi Jul 2020
I saw you from the corner of my eye
Flash black, you showed your face but yet your gaze couldn’t meet mine
Uneasy goodbye and sage burnt soon. Left this lingering feeling
Were you someone I knew?
Gwyneth May 2020
You were a storm, and I was nothing
At that moment, all I felt was numbness
My visions were unclear
More pain, more suffering
There were things in my chest
For a moment, I thought I was going to break

You are different from nine months ago
I didn't know you had this storm inside
I couldn't breathe and see
Were you silently killing me?
I tried to calm the storm you had
Yet my efforts were useless

Now I'm not sure who you are
To me at least
Maybe I want to escape
With the storm you caused me to break
But I'm not quite sure that if I leave
I'll be the same again
mymessyminds Apr 2020
It’s a funny sensation and I crave conversation
‘Cause lately, I’ve been suffering from disassociation.
So let me sum up my train of thought from yesterday:
Why did I think it would be a good idea to move to Taipei?
Nowadays I can’t recognize my own reflection
And hide behind a glass of whiskey’s protection.
After work last night, I went straight to the bar.
The place was clean but a little bit far.
The signal was bad so I cursed my phone carrier.
Then quietly cursed myself for this language barrier.
Can somebody flirt with me?
Better yet, hurt with me.
To sit down and eat a slice of dessert with me.
I just need someone to hold me.
These few weeks have been lonely.
“I just can’t trust you,” he recently told me.
With my eyes glued to the screen of my phone,
I promised myself I wouldn’t be alone.
I called up a friend to distract me from my questions.
He threw my way a couple of suggestions.
I can’t be left with my thoughts for too long.
My feelings are valid but my head’s ******* on wrong.
I stumbled outside, left my purse and laptop behind.
Luckily, the bartender caught up to me in time.
Thank you to everyone who listens to my rants.
I’m just proud that I got home before ******* my pants.
eh, mondays
Chandler Feb 2020
We did it!
Saved the city
I call my home
It doesn't feel familiar
Did we forget to
Put something back?
Cortal Avenue
Not the same
We won
So why am I not
It's time to celebrate
All I can ponder
Is the next challenge ahead
Without another
How will we grow?
Sometimes though
I wish it would stop
No more trials
Peace, come to me
I don't want to win
Give me a haven
Reject the legends
I accept tranquility
Anastasia Aug 2019
Walls I've never seen
Floors I've never touched
Slight hostility and indifference
Dance like steam in the air
Blue eyes
Refuse to look at me
My only anchor
Abandoning me
And confused
I need you here
But you've forgotten
The truth we made
First day in highschool. No thanx
ms reluctance Apr 2019
It registers as soon as I open the door,
a keen foreboding feeling.
An unfamiliarity never felt before
sends my senses reeling.

This is my home, my haven sweet;
yet today it does not belong to me.
I exhale and follow my tentative feet
while I repress the urge to flee.

I feign bravado by humming as I
go check every room casually.
I get more comfortable by and by –
the eeriness wanes thankfully.
NaPoWriMo Day 13
Poetry form: Quatrain
Maha Feb 2019
Warm covers and familiar crashes and thuds
The orchestra of this house.
Why does it feel foreign?
This Home.
Vanidy Jan 2019
Note of a piano
Noises from an instrument
Noises that I know
Unfamiliar to my brain.

A line of music
Noises from a song
Noises that I picked
Never remember anything long.

A piece of poetry
Words from literature.
Words that I wrote
And I'm not even sure.
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