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Anastasia Aug 16
Walls I've never seen
Floors I've never touched
Slight hostility and indifference
Dance like steam in the air
Blue eyes
Refuse to look at me
My only anchor
Abandoning me
And confused
I need you here
But you've forgotten
The truth we made
First day in highschool. No thanx
Madhumita Apr 13
It registers as soon as I open the door,
a keen foreboding feeling.
An unfamiliarity never felt before
sends my senses reeling.

This is my home, my haven sweet;
yet today it does not belong to me.
I exhale and follow my tentative feet
while I repress the urge to flee.

I feign bravado by humming as I
go check every room casually.
I get more comfortable by and by –
the eeriness wanes thankfully.
NaPoWriMo Day 13
Poetry form: Quatrain
Maha Feb 5
Warm covers and familiar crashes and thuds
The orchestra of this house.
Why does it feel foreign?
This Home.
Vanidy Jan 25
Note of a piano
Noises from an instrument
Noises that I know
Unfamiliar to my brain.

A line of music
Noises from a song
Noises that I picked
Never remember anything long.

A piece of poetry
Words from literature.
Words that I wrote
And I'm not even sure.
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
There's a silence
my senses aren't familiar with
but not one in defiance
less a silence, maybe more a bliss

You must know
all I've met were loud
creatures of big words, a big show
and so very proud

Of this quietness I know so little
all that shouting, felt like I had to go through with it
always finding myself in the middle
deafening noises in an endless pit

There's a silence
though I adore it I never wore it
quite as well as I could have
But now I sense an alliance
within this noiseless place in which we sit

Almost felt offended by the lack of words
but I make peace eventually, realizing
not silence but the emptiness of noise is what hurts
and though this silence still at times feels paralyzing

I know now more of honesty
no glass words to see through
an impeccable decency
is what I want to believe is true

There's a silence,
which is a calmness,
that makes me feel safe
from the mess
Elizabeth Zenk Sep 2018
Every now and again
I’ll get a feeling
I don’t recognize,
and all I can do
is cry.
Cry away the strange mashup of negative emotions.
Danielle Jun 2018
I’m burning as I’m freezing.
My whole split.
Healing as I’m burning fierce.
Drowning as I’m being baptized
I’ll fly off into the known
Even as I become mired in the unfamiliar.
But may the Gods help you withstand my wrath.
Poetic T May 2018
The frail engines of the past
                 still linger
on the fossil fuel of indoctrinated
perceptions of love,
that were a wonder of the old world.

But found to be filled though
                      ignorant filters of the present.
Prudish, falseness of male masculinity.

Were all engines of unfamiliar injections.
                   That fuel, the love bound within
the pistons of our revving heart.  
                   Fossilised yet each of us
                            still seem to be able
to ignite the fuel of others yearning.

The old engines are redundant,
                     new ages of passion
       fuelled by the spark that a generation
accepting that the fuel of love isn't singular.
                But that we ignite off any source
                that'll help our heart run in unison.
awknight Mar 2018
my eyes
drag across
the world in
front of me.

from darkness
to light
I am tired
but awake.

a new life.
reborn from the
grasps of death.
slightly conscious.

around me
I see faces
— unfamiliar.
Thomas EG Feb 2018
I yearn for solidarity,
To know once and for all

To reach into the sky, claim whatever is there, bring it down and ask...
"How do you like it?"

Being down, that is

Feeling lost and confused in an unfamiliar world,
A world that is yours

I cannot find the answers I seek
I cannot find the words to speak

I simply wait (and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait)
Until I no longer can

And then I wait some more

This appears to finally approach an end,
So why won't my doubt?

Alas, the more I question, the less I know
The more it comes, the more it goes

And so, I wait some more
Haven't written anything in a while so here's... something
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