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Sitting in a large room
with a few people
around - 2 friends,
20 acquaintance,
One frenemy, and
50 sloggers with a frown.
Every time I look at their filthy face
I tend to rub down
the pain the sarcasm
They use to bring me down.
I often
fail to understand
the purpose why
these ******* are still
running around
For, I find this place
to be ideal for dressing down.
Everyone here looks stuck,
behind the thick walls
of the glorious fraternity
with hidden brawls
trying to solve unworthy affairs
when all they can do is a conference call.
They are highly judgemental and fail to express
the agony behind their not-so-happy face.
Broken and shattered,
Cause they never really mattered.
with their morality scaling down
laughing while facing a nervous breakdown
these losers are nothing but a big pile of
something in the colour
"Yellowish brown."
For those who are stuck in the rat race to prove themselves, let me tell you, this won't matter after a point of time.
I have a
10 thousand words
Rambling inside
my nerves
I don’t know
They are
a blessing
Or a curse
I know I am
not a poet
Or a writer
But I have
packed my bags
And I’m
ready to face
The universe
You can come
with me
Or we shall
Rather disperse
For, I am going
to pour
Out my emotions
Be it for good
Or for worse.
Smoke! A lot of it
Above my head
Inside my chest
I wish I could flee
Leave my bed
But can’t
Where have I landed
It’s a no man land
With spiral rings
Placed all over
Like a puzzle
Wanna escape!
A voice echoed
In my head
Enough you tried
But it seems futile
You can’t escape or
Get out of your bed
You are paralysed
You can’t analyse
You have lost your

I think only few
drags were enough
to loose control.
To all the men who
Scratched me, pushed me,
And slapped me

To all the men who
Kissed me, missed me,
And fixed me

To all the men who
Loved me, played me,
and ****** me

To all the men who
Made me their muse
To the ones I didn’t
Spoke a word or refuse

To all the men who
Cried when we
Moved apart and
Tried to retain
Me in their broken heart

I am sorry that I
Have a luscious part
That lies between
My legs apart

Is it the only thing
You wanted from me?
Is it the only thing
That attracted you
Towards me?
Is it the only thing
You were thinking
About last night?
When you first saw
Me in the bar
With a pretty smile
On that face and a
Heart so scarred

Did you even asked me
If I wanted it or
You just assumed that I do
Because I am pretty enough
To understand and speak
The word no.

But now, when my heart
Pains and my beauty departs
Will you still hold me from
Back and do me saying that
By losing our friendship
I lost a million things.
The love, the care
Is found nowhere
I think we both
Were wrong
For I have seen
Your darkest sin
The vulnerability
The grin
A broken soul
That can’t be repaired
Together we smiled,
We laughed, we whined
Our bond was
Undoubtedly rare
My heart, your home
Your betrayal, unknown
I mourned beyond
Though I was told
That I am not alone
There are so many
Involved in this
You left the spot
Without a doubt
What did I do
To deserve this
In my share?
But there you are
Sitting apart
Making me drench
in tear..
You said you will call
I was about to fall
in the web of your
You cared a ****
I sulked I crammed
But I think you
Were always unfair!

— The End —