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Oct 2020
How can I miss someone I never met?
How can I love someone I never knew?
How can someone looks so good even without looking?
How can I say I like you when we're miles apart?

I am not brave enough to say 'I like you'.
I fear not just my feelings but to hurt someone I cherish.
The one that has been with me for almost forever and you that I met for-never, how can I choose when I never met you?
We all have that feeling when we are in-denial of what we are feeling and ended up really feeling nothing, like convincing that you don't like someone and ended up not really liking him for a reason...and that my friend is my thought alone. I really don't know if that's normal or is it just me?  UGH, I AM REALLY COMPLICATED AND CONFUSE A LOT LIKE YEAH...
"no worries guys I'm just
Written by
ShininGale  17/F/wakanda
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