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Anais Vionet Jul 7
(Senryu poems about crushes)

That awkward moment
when you're caught day-dreamily
staring at your crush.

You know that tingly
feeling when you start to crush?
It's common sense leaving.

The fantasies that
you indulge about your
crush are scandalous.

You can’t ******
your crush because self-worth
crumbles up close.
A crush is an intense infatuation for someone unattainable or inappropriate
Crandall Branch Jan 2020
i pear my eyes at the gloomy sky,
twitching with pleasure and pain.

where i hope rain will fall,
is only the acrid dust of the frenso desert.

where i hope corn will grow,
is only the weeds and seeds of earth.

i know i can not live for longer in this way. that i shall Soon Die without sistenace

all that is before my weery eyes are my Kin.
My family.
My friends.
And yes.
My livers.

The ***** themselves.
My trauma started to scream! My eyes flooded with tears from the depths of Hell Himself. Yet I know it must be done. I crunched into his shell with the fury of.l a thousand suns. It shattered beneath my choppers as I seasoned his flesh with my own salty tears. My tong registered the taste of crab flesh, that before I had only tasted in the most scandalous of contexts.

I felt his life drain, and my own restored. But at what cost?
this peom is inspiring by my Idol Justine Beeber. thank yuo all for the support i have greatley missed yuo all but was ocuppied tending too my ***** wich had fallen deathley ill
Crandall Branch Feb 2018
To EVeryone that says they're just trying to be n9ce

To everyone that says they are just trying to give me construtive criticism

TO Everyone that says that I WILL NEVER GO PLACES
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Crandall Branch Dec 2017
My smooth vermin, you inspire me to write.
How I hate the way you infest,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the wicked rest.

Let me compare you to a contender?
You are more ugly and more disgusting.
Hot frost nips the robins of December,
And wintertime has the shocking busting.

How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.
I hate your intriguing infestations.
Thinking of your many legs fills my days.
My hate for you is the implications.

Now I must away with a loathsome heart,
Remember my fast words whilst we're apart.
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Crandall Branch Dec 2017
Systemic chlamydia correct.

Cervical chlamydia dissimulate.

Asymptomatic chlamydia doubt.

Nonprescription contraceptives own.

Dangerous medicines convert.

Artificial contraceptives stand.

Lethal doses swim.

Other coccidia discredit.

Usual immunizations perform.

Standard doses admit.
i am training to be a doctor maybe a crab doctor so i gathered some inspiracion from my learning. a nice acrostic. please leave comments and feedback below :)
Crandall Branch Nov 2017
pitter patter* go my feet as I walk over to visit my *****

swish swish go their lithe bodies as they waddle over to meet me

chomp chomp go their dextrous mouths as they consume the food i tossed into their tank

click clack go their sharp claws as they pinch everything they see

ouch yikes goes my mouth as i scream in pain

stomp stomp go my heavy feet as i run away
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Crandall Branch Nov 2017
My worst nightmare is going to Heaven (am I already there?)
Reflections of my warped mind stare back at me
When I was frustrated I told you to slam the door behind you
I'm killing you and you're slowly killing me

Society shuts down my true feelings and turns me into a clone
We all know we're all alone but no one takes action
Hell will be a place without hope. Hell is this life
Got nothing better to do anyways

Sometimes they just end it all but nothing ever happens
Good friendly violent fun in store for all
My ears close, leaving me with the ring of nothingness
As the steel machine keeps turning
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Crandall Branch Nov 2017
we are connected, like two gummy candies fused
or like a warm tongue stuck to a cold piece of ice

i feel like i'm stuck to you
like when a magician traps you inside your own mind
or when you're handcuffed to yourself

but instead of you being me
you're you
glorious you

   o     o
/ \  / \
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Crandall Branch Nov 2017
When I first saw you
My mind was flooded with thoughts and images of
Scandalous Deeds

Then when I second saw you
My eyes were flooded with real images of
Scandalous Deeds

I never thought these
Scandalous Deeds
Would be come a reality
But now they are
And these
Scandalous Deeds
Are my true life
And with you
I feel loved
All because of these
Scandalous Deeds
A peom about a lover ;)
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Elioinai Aug 2016
Your heart does not ask for another
Your eyes are not pulled away
The warmth of your arms does not smother
My wish for the coming day
To wake up and see you again

There are no women to draw you
The stars and their light can't compare
To the joy in your heart that blossoms
in the moment our souls join to share
Though I hide my face quite aghast
at the glorious passion you dare
In time you will draw me to dance
with all the raw lightning you wear
Draft from a few months ago

The love of the Lord is glorious, so much deeper and more romantic than our watered down fallen human love.
Lord, help me to accept your wonderful love!
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