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Pizacas23 Jul 2022
All I can see is a misty road,
Walking with my love who’s named ******.
So, I called the wind hoping to blow.
No one shows up, slowly losing all I hoped.
Then I say please let me know.
For my love is pure.
Pizacas23 Mar 2022
They say some souls instantly click. Whether you're lovers, best friends, soul mates or something special that words can't quite explain it. Then as I accept this person for everything they are. These souls  that I encounter and know in just a very moment that we're supposed to cross paths. His presence makes me feel safe, calm and I feel like home whenever I'm with him. Yes! They are without a doubt the most special person I've had the privilege to love. Yes, there's no distance, time or person could come between the bond we've shared. Everything about him like his kindness, being a good person etc. Somehow makes me feel a better person, because life is simply better with them in it. I would say that whatever form he may come in, that soul is my happy place, my comfort, my sunshine, my everything and to be honest I genuinely could not imagine life without you and If there's another life I wish you can choose me without having fears.
Pizacas23 Nov 2020
I did not regret that I met you, I'd regret because I gave all my love for you. And you've never gave as what I did to you.
Pizacas23 Nov 2020
You know how stupid I am?
I let you hurt myself as long as you will become happy.
Pizacas23 Nov 2020
You wanted me to take care of myself but how can I do that now you've not even care.
Pizacas23 Nov 2020
I used to have nightmares every night and day, but now every seconds, minutes and hours is worst.
Can someone wake me please?
Pizacas23 Jun 2020
When we are in public:
I was like riding at the back of the tricycle as I was looking at you , walking forward.
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