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Pizacas23 Jun 29
When we are in public:
I was like riding at the back of the tricycle as I was looking at you , walking forward.
Pizacas23 May 9
Just say you're okay and smile
Because nobody really cares!

Little did you know
that there is someone
Really care for you,
but your to blind to notice it.
Pizacas23 May 9
Watching as the rain pouring
While hoping you will look back
At what we had

And you will realize
How stupid what you
did To let it end.
Pizacas23 May 7
I miss you,
Or I miss
who I was

Being with you?
Pizacas23 May 6
I used to be
And was
never hard
I met you
Pizacas23 May 6
That is until
you look at me
nothing else
could compare.
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