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TD Nov 2022
I know I only said “hi”
I think my body language screamed “I love you”
I’m pretty sure my eyes lit up when you looked back at me
You skipped that song

It felt too familiar
Leaning around that corner and calling
I think I saw it in your eyes when you turned to me
I think you felt it too
I thought-

When I said “have a good night”
I was all smiles- I mean, you’d said “hi” too
You were not as pleased
I guess I hadn’t see it in your eyes
That’s when I realized
It was only me who wished I still had you
I wish this wasn’t what it is
TD Nov 2022
I was wrong
It wasn’t only ever just the knife
It was your hand
Your stupid name tag
My Pokémon stickers
That monster and pizza- even though I’m picky and didn’t have any
It was the mint ice cream
The black cherry soda bottles-
Do you still have the lid?

Do you have the keychain?
Your Pokémon stickers?
I hope your protection spell is intact
The crystals?
Do you wish to wear the bracelets?
Think about how my sweatshirt felt on you?
Miss having my stuffies in your bed?
I wonder if you think about me when you’re by the drawer- or see Betsy?
Do I haunt you like you do me?
TD Nov 2022
You look so pale-
Have another plate
My poor baby
She’s lost so much weight

Take another cake
Eat another bite
I promise with some care
Everything should be alright

Do you wanna get better?
Do you want to try?
If you don’t want it to happen
You’ll kiss that recovery goodbye

Once you’ve given up
I will too
But you still want me to try
I just don’t know you do

I don’t know how to help you
TD Mar 2019
Her coverless-tattered state proved the journeys she had gone through.
Her old purple spine was scratched and bent,
Yet still beautifully intact.

The woman who brought her up filled her with stories,
Delicately placing each powerful word,
Gently building her up page by page,
Giving her a story to call her own.

She told her story to each reader,
Each page turn,
Every emotion.
Her pains in every paragraph,
Her charisma in every character,
Her love in every line,
Her tears in every tear.

She was worn
Yet brand new.

She held a strong font,
Each bold showing her power to change something,
Each italization expressing her importance.

Every time her story was told if affected a new person.

Crinkled and worn pages gave life a new meaning,
Provided a new definition of friendship, gave a new reason to live,
Provided a new reason to love.
She taught everyone something,
Giving away her everything.

She was judged for her looks by many,
But loved for her contents just as much.
TD Feb 2019
roses r red
pinky promises r us
ur such a great friend
do it again Russ❤︎
-love lily
TD Jan 2019
Icy blue eyes,
Freeze my heart in the moment,
I freeze in a cool bliss,
I could stay there forever.

Warm joyous smiles,
So warm they make my face heat up too,
They melt my heart,
Revive me.

Crazy bed hair,
Distraught in directions,
Blown by the wind,
Making me emerge into emotion,
Bringing me to you.

Like the night sky.

An excuse,
Hours of ‘counting’,
Really just admiring your beauty.

When you’re away,
I sit and ponder under the stars,
Feeling inches away from you,
Reminded of your freckles,
Your hair,
Your smile,
And God,
I’m reminded of your eyes.
TD Jan 2019
A five letter word right?
No biggie?
Grief is why her mom is always mad.
Grief is why her sister became so distant.
Grief is why he looks down and hopes that they will do better.
Grief is why she’s lost.

She doesn’t know who to call Mom anymore,
That’s not the parent she knew.
Or maybe it is.
Has mom always been this way?
She doesn’t know anymore.

Why’s her sister so mean?
Why is her sister so quiet.
She used to be bright and friendly.
Now she hides behind anger.

She used to have such bright eyes.
A drive behind her proud stride.
A flawed yet supported system.
Now it is broken.

Her family was never perfect,
It was always almost enough
It was messy in a good way
It was whole

Now it is empty.

The king is gone,
The princesses without their crown.
The queen sleeps with the dragon,
And everyone around.
This isn't my best work, I kinda just wrote it down without any editing.
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