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Big Virge Aug 2020
I’m A... Marshal of Reality Verse...

From The Words of Big Virge... !!!

I RARELY Curse Unless It Works...
To Feed The Herds...
With POWERFUL Verse...
That Ultimately Serves To...

... DISTURB The Perverse... !!!!

Or YES... PERVERTS... !!!

Because I MARTIAL Like... LAW...
If ******* of The Cause...
Is What Writers Stand For... !!!!!

So I Marshal Them...
Like I Marshal WAR...
To Make Sure I STEM...
Being Thrown Off Course... !!!

My Position’s ASSURED... !!!
I’m A MARSHAL For Sure...
When It Comes To The Core...
of Wordplay That’s POOR... !!!

My Martial Art STRICTLY Imparts...
Verse That HITS HARD...
As Well As Being SMART... !!!

Cos It’s SHARP And DARK...
And Comes From MY HEART... !!!

So Does Beat REAL HARD... !!!
And At Times Quite FAST... !!!

That Gives A Kick Start...
To Thoughts That Mark...

A Mind That Imparts...

NO TONY Just Cards For Poker Sharks...
Who... Martial Tricks And Financial Stings...

That Have... WAR LINKS...
And Economics That Could SINK... !?!
Those Now Choosing To Embrace NEW Things...

Like... CASHLESS Vibes...

DON’T Doubt Those Lines... !!!

Where Marshalling Cash Doesn’t Seem Too Bad...
Until You See That Technological Traps...
May Leave Us Trapped With NO WAY Back... !!!

From CORONA Lands And That’s A FACT... !!!!!

Is What The Hoards Will Sign Up For... !?!

It’s A Time To Marshall WITHOUT Being Partial...
To CRIMINAL Clans That Are Government Backed... !!!

To Provide Them With HACKS...
Where... DIGITISED Plans...
Marshal Like JONES In U.S. Zones... !!!

While... On The Down Low...
Is How Man Will Roll...
Ask SNIPES Cos' He Knows...
How That Role Goes... !!!

Which Goes To Show...
That... Freedom Road...
... Has Marshals In Tow... !!!

And On That Note It’s Time To Go...
But Here’s One Last Flow...
To... Let You All KNOW...

That My Status Is HIGH... !!!!!!!!
When It Comes To Writing Rhymes...
And That Is... NO LIE... !!!

The Name Big Virge...
When It Comes To Words...

As A True Connoisseur of The Spoken Word... !!!

That When Observed...

.... “ A MARSHAL of Reality Verse “....
If ever there was a time for truth to be written in the things people write, NOW is that time !

So, this write was one inspired, by a conversation surrounding such vibes ....
“I can wade grief,
Whole pools of it, —
I 'm used to that.
But the least push of joy
Breaks up my feet,”

“And I tip — drunken.
Let no pebble smile,
'T was the new liquor, —
That was all!

Power is only pain,
Stranded, through discipline,
Till weights will hang.
Give balm to giants,
And they 'll wilt, like men.
Give Himmaleh, —
They 'll carry him!”

- Emily Dickinson.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Hymn to Aphrodite
by Sappho
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Immortal Aphrodite, throned in splendor!
Wile-weaving daughter of Zeus, enchantress, and beguiler!
I implore you, dread mistress, discipline me no longer
with love's anguish!

But come to me once again in kindness,
heeding my prayers as you have done before;
O, come Divine One, descend once again from
heaven's golden dominions!

Your chariot yoked to love's consecrated doves,
their multitudinous pinions aflutter,
you once came gliding from the utmost heights, to
the dark-bosomed earth.

Swiftly they came and vanished, leaving you,
O my Goddess, smiling, your face eternally beautiful,
asking me what unfathomable longing compelled me
to cry out.

Asking me what I sought in my hopeless, bewildered desire.
Asking, "Who has harmed you, why are you so alarmed,
my poor Sappho? Whom should
Persuasion summon here?"

"Though today she flees love, soon she will pursue you;
spurning love's gifts, soon she shall return them;
tomorrow she will woo you,
however unwillingly!"

Come to me now, most Holy Aphrodite!
Release me from my heavy heartache and anguish;
grant me all I request, be once again
my ally and protector!

"Hymn to Aphrodite" is the only poem by Sappho of ****** to survive in its entirety. The poem survived intact because it was quoted in full by Dionysus, a Roman orator, in his "On Literary Composition," published around 30 B.C. A number of Sappho's poems mention or are addressed to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. It is believed that Sappho may have belonged to a cult that worshiped Aphrodite with songs and poetry. If so, "Hymn to Aphrodite" may have been composed for performance within the cult. We do know that Sappho was held in very high regard. For instance, when Sappho visited Syracuse the residents were so honored they erected a statue to commemorate the occasion! During Sappho's lifetime, coins of ****** were minted with her image. Furthermore, Sappho was called "the Tenth Muse" and the other nine were goddesses. Keywords/Tags: Sapphic, Sappho, ******, translation, ancient Greek, hymn, Aphrodite, Zeus, daughter, immortal, goddess, holy, lady, heaven, enchantress, enchantment, love potion, charm, spell, persuasion, beguiler, beguilement, mistress, discipline, *******, prayer, prayers, chariot, heaven, descent, ally, protector, lust, desire, passion, longing, ***, crush, girlfriend, women, grief
Dennis Hernandez Feb 2020
Faces implode
And erode as
Tongues slither
From wall to wall,
Hall to hall,
Draining and draining
With nothing to prove,
Only commanding
In a secret language
That you pour all yourself
Into it.
Poetic T Feb 2020
You were the drought
  and I was the rain that
was going to drown you out.

But you swam like you depended
                on the earth to hold you.

Never letting you hold ground
              cos I took it from under you.

No discipline to hold you like gravity,
        the only thing you'll be doing is sinking..

Bottom of the bay, where all wasted things
                sink too, you may take a while.

But believe me you'll end up where the rest

Shrink wrapped with
        stones of regret on ya
             ankles of missteps.

When you dried out I was the oasis
                   of plentiful rhyme.

you tried to steal from my fountain
   but i held you under till you drowned.

And as long as no one knows where you
  were ship wrecked, you'll be a drought
in a sea of plentiful moisture
                                    that i drink upon.
George Krokos Jan 2020
I recently cooked a meal to eat one night
and was surprised that it turned out right.
It didn't need many ingredients to add
for which I was thankful and very glad.

It provided nourishment to curb my hunger
that was then starting to sound like thunder
for my stomach was beginning to rumble
and the time getting late for me to grumble.

In particular like those who often go to sleep
on an empty stomach or unwanted fast keep.
It would seem as if they were avoiding crime
depending on their own situation at the time.

Many people keep a strict discipline with food
and by doing so enhance their own mood.
It has been said “one becomes what they eat'
which in turn will reflect on their life's feat.
Written in 2019
Josephine Petras Jan 2020
darling, you must desire discipline
for you cannot enjoy the juvenile privilege of fleeing your fears forever
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
Don't rush
Because they do
Don't hate
Because they do
Don't love
Just because they do
Don't follow
Just because they do
Don't trust
Just because they do
Don't get blind
Because they do

Their problem
Is not yours
Just remember
Why you are
The chosen one
An example

Not just
Everyone else
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Better Human Project
Author's Note: When they asked," What do you want to be? "An example", Just reply.  I believe that if each and every individual works on becoming a better person the world will certainly become a better place.
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