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Carlo C Gomez Mar 2021
this once sound vessel
succumbing to agony,
as if scuttled by
a siren at sea,

and in her heart
flutters and sunbeams,
she's not alone
in her dreams,

there's a torch light
with wings, dancing
about her wounds,

it burns of empathy,
but too numb to feel the pain
of her dying rooms,

hereabouts goodbye,
under the silk of anesthesia,
she whispers,
"blade of grass, then away we fly..."

Flatfielder Nov 2020
Deep conversations we do enjoy
Prospects in generous age the theme
Between worries and joy
Good coffee and cream
Daily marching plan includes
A Corgi who sends to to rest
when the clock strikes hurry
It's making its nest
We do talk about leaving for the end of our time
Probability for all
Sweetheart tells me
message sent
I want to go first
Couldn't bear to be without you
No comment
True love for so many years
Long time but still out there
ryn Apr 2020
Trace the suns
that traverse the skies

Follow the moons
that try to keep pace

Count the ticks
that strike my clock

For you are the numbers
to the rest of my days

Carlo C Gomez Oct 2019
Ashes of my son
in this bottle
wash ashore
to remind us the years are fragile
and too quickly they're no more

Strands of my daughter
on this brush
remain a lovely brunette
and a none-too-kind truism:
we begin to die from the very outset

A stone's throw is all we have
Dasha Apr 2017
I wonder why I think of nothing when I am travelling...
I hear voices of people, but no sounds of my own.
No whisper, breath or heartbeat sounds,
I only dream..A dream made out of icy clouds.
And there is, I hear voice of a little girl

Nan! Nan!
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Banana who?
Banana peel
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Doctor who?
You said it...

She kept making these silly jokes and even I smiled as I heard them...
She kept asking her parents and nan to answer her 'knock in the door'.
She reminded me of someone,
As she kept annoying them more.
I blocked out for quite a while staring somewhere far,
She reminded me of someone...
I guess once I was just like her...
I was just like that girl you heard,
I was this, little, silly kid
Making jokes, laughing all day long.
Blurry face with no care at all.

What about now? Would you like to know?
I am buried now, buried in routine...
Every day's the same, passing by so fast
Yesterday was spring,
And today is gone...

What about now? You don't want to know...
You are growing old, missing out youth
Yesterday was warm, but today is snow
Every year's the same,
It fades out slow....
lillie Apr 2016
hold me close
   in your arms,
   as my memories
   fade away from
heal my broken heart,
   for i am not an
   artificial being,
   for i go on
take me away from
   the void of fears
   and making experiences,
   as you open up your
i'll always remember
   the time we spent
   together, in this selfish
   and limited
[ Plastic | Memories ]
Starchild88 Apr 2014
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
And the world spins madly on,

As the ticking clock's cogs turn to rust,
A butterfly shall flap its wings,

And fade out of existence as the nightingale sings
A sad song for the marvelous yet meaningless,
Melodically destructive
Monarch of the midnight sky.

Let its song be a reminder,
Of the ever-ticking timer,
Hurriedly beating away in our chests.
And let the sound of each thump
Tear apart all delusions of splendor,
Laying bare the memory that we are simply human;

Wonderfully, terribly, painfully human.

— The End —