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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Because She Craved the Very Best
by Michael R. Burch

Because she craved the very best,
he took her East, he took her West;
he took her where there were no wars
and brought her bright bouquets of stars,
the blush and fragrances of roses,
the hush an evening sky imposes,
moonbeams pale and garlands rare,
and golden combs to match her hair,
a nightingale to sing all night,
white wings, to let her soul take flight ...

She stabbed him with a poisoned sting
and as he lay there dying,
she screamed, "I wanted everything!"
and started crying.

Keywords/Tags: Female, lover, crave, best, gifts, presents, offerings, unsatisfied, demanding, tears, betrayal, backstabbing
Wolf Dec 2018
I’m not enough
It’s simple to glance by
And see with eyes of grey
Stop screaming in my frail ears!
Voice so horrid
Draws blood from me
I’ll never be enough
Anna Jan 2019
The lie that everyone believes.
Yet it is this lie we basically breath.

How can one be honest, when the world tells us not to be?
How can one lie, when the world tells us to be honest?

There is a double standard in this world.
One that tells us too much honesty is evil, but to little is insidious.
How can we adhere to the demands of the world?
The answer is,
We can’t.

We lie to be honest, but to be honest is to lie.
Honestly, we should all just hope that these double standards die.
nja Jan 2019
'Put my ice cream in the oven.'
'Apply some lipstick.'
'Stop winning and criticising.'
'I understand everything just fine thank you.'
But she laughs at her own jokes, she misunderstands mostly, she is loved by me.
Another one about my gran. All phrases in parenthesis are fragments of her.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
I don't know what to do,
Mother-in-law is coming to stay for a week or two,
I bribed the devil for help,
It painfully began to yelp,
Mothers-in-law are dangerous,
In hell ominous ,
Also there they have their say,
They want their own way,
Even Satan is moulded to soft clay.
If you love your spouse,
Welcome her to your house,
See she comes alongside you,
Not between you.
Mary-Eliz Jun 2018
Crazy Cat Lady? Uh-uh!
I'm the Crazy Cat!
Come to mama, sweetie
let's have a little chat

need to get a few things straight
need to set some bounds
don't you worry 'bout my weight
I could use a few more pounds

so feed me several times a day
cream, cheese and tuna fish
beef pate and chicken stew
in stemmed fancy crystal dish

my bed is not nearly soft enough
it feels just like a Brillo
so I'll just have your bed
but I'll need a fluffier pillow

my collar, it has no pizzazz
it's such a drab old thing
I require one with jewels
my beauty demands some bling

if you agree to all these needs
I just might stick around
if not, well check these teeth and claws...

oh yes, I also want a diamond crown
Gale L Mccoy Apr 2018
its happening more and more
i invited it in
not expecting it to stay
but it set its luggage down and laughed
“i never stay less than forever”
i dont have what it takes to accommodate it
ive already run out of supplies
i cant afford anything more
but its still here
it still is demanding more
and more
and more
and i have to take from myself
i dont have much left to give
it doesnt take no for an answer
gods i wish it was just me myself and i
and not me and despair and nothing at all
adira Feb 2018
world is demanding a never ending place were onward we must go

take no second thought onwards we must go

you are sweating ageing your back breaking but..onwards we must go

and for those who stop to think in this constant spinning circle

shall be flung aside forgotten.. onwards we must go

to the world you are just one of seven billion other men onward they will go

you are already a slave to this earth because onwards you must go

the world will always move onwards

with or without you
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