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EmilyBatdorf May 2020
Without the sun
the flower fails to bloom,
curled in with her sadness and gloom.
With no flowers out
the sun fails to rise,
to spread his rays across the sky
and bring his warmth and cheer,
Two beings on different times
leading to each of their demise,
stars lined up solemnly
as the moon bears witness
to this tragedy.
hannah Jul 2019
Cold days and
Cold feet
I just don't
Want to get up
Right now
Don't be sad
Or think that
I am
I'm not
I'm just tired
And frustrated
And I want to be alone
In the world
Doing what I love
I hope that's not
Too much to ask
Today isn't one hundred percent stellar, but at least it's cold where I am again. It'll only get up to 77° F today. It won't rain though. Shame.
Matthew Roe Sep 2018
The void
Or the scowl.

Are you sure you know which you’d pick.
When the right hand that feeds you,
Succulent wisdom,
While the left hand kills the next breed.

You see the void on sundays,
in time that is only passing seconds.
in moments where you scream silently.
When precious life is the cold bone you hold.
Down the path you walk, you long to be led.

Is the game for so long,
Catch a ball, avoid a fall
Until you chase it when rolls
Off the edge
And you follow it in faith
Rather than in fear
Keeping your white collar near.
Please comment what you think this one can be about cuz I barely know myself, it is quite a collage of ideas. A mix of the Philosophical, the *****, the fascist and the boringly bleak.
Note: the bit about a dog chasing a ball off a cliff is something my Dad actually saw, at beach head.
'White collar' does not refer to class, but a Vicar's collar.
George Krokos Sep 2018
You are in the thunder and in the lightning
it seems at times You’re so very frightening.
And if sometimes by nature we get scared out of our wit
it’s a way You have to remind us by Thy grace to submit.
From "The Quatrains"  ongoing writings since the early '90's
ashley lingy Feb 2018
My guard was up,
my fists clenched,
so ready to fight you off.
But then,
there was him.
My body alight,
the fog drifts over my mind.
He makes me feel safe,
and oh so alive.
Hello Love,
you rare bird.
I can't resist;
I don't want to.
Erin Suurkoivu Apr 2017
in the old neighbourhood

I had never felt more beautiful
and unafraid.

But I am afraid now
as you stalk near.

My words are naked babies
and I must run.

Swifter beasts than me
have not survived

the chase
across the savannah.

You too struck
quick as lightning.

Do they willingly give up
their bodies and blood?

Are they all too happy
to submit to death?

But I,
I just wanted to get out alive.
SabreLi Dec 2016
It’s hard to accept
I feel so inept
I don't know what to do,
Now I’ve lost you too
I can't take it anymore
Fate’s law
You say it’s meant to be
Why me?

I crumble, I fumble, I rise and I fall
Under this pressure I’m feeling so small
I stumble, I tumble, why rise just to break?
Too many sorrows were left in your wake.

You pushed me so hard
I trusted you, let down my guard
It didn’t matter, you went too far
Straight through my heart like a glass shard

I’m losing touch, it’s proving too much
Your lies, my life - a counterfeit
I’m breaking away, saving the day
Your cries, my crime - I won’t submit

I’m falling behind
I’m needing a sign
You’ve widened the distance,
I thought you were different
Finally I realise
Fate’s lies
This is the end of us
You’re loss

Now twisted and distant, no longer so tall

Assisted assistant now in for the fall

You pushed me so hard
I trusted you, let down my guard
It didn’t matter, you went too far
Straight through my heart like a glass shard

You’ve lost the touch, I proved too much
My strength, your source of satisfaction
You’re breaking away, savour the day
When your strength is more than manufactured.

Copyright © 2008-2016 KF
Chloe Chapman Sep 2016
It's okay
If you don't
Have the time.
I would do anything for you.
Pep Jul 2016
I don’t love you, that’s for sure.
I want you, but for now all I feel for you is lust.
Don’t say you love me tonight, because then I won't be so naïve.
I'll walk away like a one night stand if you dare to confess your love for me.
We stared at each other, and for a second I wondered if I should get up.
But I would never do that.
Right now I wanted you to be the lead.

You dominate while I submit baby.
before she left him
7. Come Down
Jyotika Katiyar Jun 2016
Wishing to kiss
again and again
the oceans were tiding on the shore
hitting the rocks every time
making the sun-glowed sands
to submit before
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