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Karijinbba May 2020
A lifetime suffered a lost love be found wearing no mask
but lovers wore many
each time we crossed roads again.
Now a mandatory sinester splinter
requiring mask as chip to buy food,
is implemented overnight.

I was hunted down trashed for years
and wished I wore masks for safety. prayed long my enemies be isolated from staining my treasures with distrust.

dreamt to be loved regardless of race creed nationality or social status;
we all seem faceless prompting
equality but, are we just one race?
Are we really faceless underneath macabre fear stained masks?

Now everyone good and evil tastes a bit of their own enforced medicine
on locked down mode eat sleep
isolating themselves just like they did me
this offeres no justice no relief
This pandemic universal malady
seeing no class no status
our abodes or manssions are prisons prisons for our mind!
clipping our last freedom wings
we are so tired of wars after wars.
Louis Amstrong song
"What a Wonderful World"
just keeps popping in mind at
6:49 AM George Noory radio show
Have we surrendered our freedoms
for safety to live life free-less?
Do we then deserve any?

Isolated years endured has saved me from untimely death where enemies
ploted profiting from my demise.

I remain aware awake enough to understand there's a cat inside this
Pandora's box lid closed up quickly.
Governments hording many a secret
unreleased but what is the mystery?

The value of liberating truth
is the price placed on a lie
sold to us all for mare peanuts
to keep us asleep sheeply
masked obeying or else
face illness untimely death,
distrusting all even ourselves,
is the new way of life the big change.

Can the world ever trust anything
anyone entity government
friend family stranger?
We aren't cowards nor lack courage
we are exausted enough to give up
surely temporarily though
for the human spirit relentless is
resilient outwordly born free
like you, like me, like us.

ditch the masks accept no chips
Let's grab this weird dictatirial change
by it's ugly covert horns.
30 million unemployed Americans out of 360 million throughout North America Usa..
iKAyodele Apr 2020
Not so long
from now;

You would have
conversations  that
would shake the world.

We can't afford to
Trump that.
"Readers are Leaders".

January 2020, The world almost witnessed World War 3.
Juliana Jan 2020
I do not like how our world is.
I don’t like there are people who
have to die for their child to live.
I don’t like that we forget to
view others with complexity.
I don’t like that we have to fight a
fight that started long before we
were born, and should have never
started in the first place.

I do not like how our world is.
And I do not like how it’s headed.
I am not a perfect person.
I’ve been ignorant.
I’ve made mistakes.
But I have always tried
to do the right thing.

This is not the right thing.
How am I supposed to put
one foot in front of the other,
when I’m walking into a trap?

I do not like how our world is.
I do not like how it’s headed,
And I don’t see the light at
the end of the tunnel.
I feel that the mountain
I'm under, is about to implode.

I don’t want this train to stop
before I even learn where it’s headed.
And I am so scared for my
journey to end.
But what’s scarier, is the journey
up ahead:
one I never signed on to,
and have no way to stop.
I wish this was the right side of history.
Nichole Dec 2017
A solider get's shot,
A whole troop gunned down,

And then, another, and another,
War, what is it good for?

The smell of it.


Why must humans play these games?
Why must we watch as another man dies?

WW3 possibility or undeniable.
If you like it let me know :)
Addy Stone Apr 2016
Dear Mr. Sunshine,
“When will dad be home to sing me a lullaby again?”
Those words
are stapled to the back of my head every waking day by our daughter
whose pouty lips tremble as she kisses your picture
then slowly looks up at me,
What else am I to say
when I ask myself the same **** question
every day, every night
and every year.
Then the sirens sing,
and we hide under a small table
as a group of men search for explosives,
gunshots echo through the shack and numb my ears
a small girl from across the room coughs up tomato soup
and is instantly tossed out onto the cold streets
of the October blue

Dear Mr. Sunshine,
It is now the end of December
and instead of snow wrapped around our little town like a blanket
there is chilled blue flames
that leave children screaming
screaming at the fire for taking their family.

Dear Mr. Sunshine,
It has been months since you wrote back
and years since I have seen you.
Now it’s March and sky is flooded with silver waste
and as I looked up from my balcony
the door began to ring,
I ran to the door
and saw your bright blue face,
with your soft pale eyes
but your soul wasn’t you
your mind had been replaced by the war.
And as I opened my ears to speak
I saw the knife in your hands and as you whispered
“I love you”
the light that was you
went through the sharp jagged edges
and sank into my heart,
sunshine took over my lungs
and darkness sunk behind my eyes
Dear Mr. Sunshine,
where are you?
Futuristic based poem about wwIII
Abigail Shaw Jun 2015
“Here’s your morning PSA,
Laced with saccharine and anaesthetic,
Unfortunately the missiles are on their way,
So leave the sick and try not to panic,
Ignore the hysteria, and those calling your name,
Avert your eyes as the world sets aflame,
We apologise for keeping this from you,
Secret for all of these years,
But please keep in mind, though we’ll aim for your rescue,
Death is the least of your fears
This will be our last transition,
I’m afraid the president must catch his flight,
You may wait to hear from us but until then,
Goodbye, goodluck and goodnight.”

We were the PVC plastic barbie dolls,
Waiting to be burned alive,
Unlucky enough to live,
We woke up to an absence of we,
No Nevada left to test in,
So I’m a model mannequin,
Melt me down,

The light was white and empty,
My madness steeped in silence
Geiger is telling me to run,
But it’s no use now,

I threw up on Monday,
Tuesday, I choke back fallout,
Ignore the bubbles when it hits my skin,
On Wednesday, my gums blink bright red,
Thursday I know I am all alone because the wind has ceased to blow,
And Friday I realise I am not,

They came with rubber masks,
Respirators and coils of filters,
We both had ******* eyes,
But neither of us saw people reflected in them,
I counted three,
Alpha, Beta, Gamma,
One smiles by exhaling clean air,
Reaches out a hand across the barren wasteland,
Fingers tipped with lead and tells me:
“There’s a prize for the last standing.”

I am not ionised,
So I bruise every time they touch me,
These guides through plagues of acid rain,
The graveyard of monuments stripped bare by a world of rot,
My hair falls out as I breathe dead air,
I don’t remember what PSA stands for,
I don’t remember my name,
I bleed sand and the echo of a failed civilisation,
But with heavy breathing and a muffled voice,
Gas masks filtering what used to keep me alive,
I wonder if there is anything behind those masks at all,
I know there is nothing behind mine,
None of us are human anymore,
And we haven’t been for quite some time,

Together, we watch the sky rain black ash.
Cheyanne Higgins Apr 2015
We are never at peace
Although thats how it seems
And the weight I've been carrying
Has finally been lifted off my shoulders
But i've kept my walls up and they are closley gaured
As I will find my lover
And he shall find me
But until then I prepare for WWIII

— The End —