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Nolan Willett Oct 2020
Baby, I’ll be your Dracula,
You know all I need is your heart.
You be the wicked witch,
All you will need is a hooked nose,
‘Cause you already cast your spell on me!
An ordinary clown
am I
until I step
into the circle
of light
and discover
I am more
than grease paint
and costume.
I am magic.
TS Ray Oct 2019
I have no costume on
I wear no mask
I see what you see
I hear what you hear

My heart is not a spider web
Nor will it catch you off guard
It ain’t a skeleton in the closet
As you can see what I see

I have no spooky ideas
I have no creepy creations
Maybe I am the abnormal
As my mask is the see through one

Life is not a costume parade
Nor it needs to be one day wonder
It becomes a miracle
When we share what we feel

Say what you feel day in and day out
Until the zombies go out
I will surely see what you see
I will hear what you hear
Corey Aug 2019
in costume, in hiding,
and in all things deceptive
thriving in the unrevealed

she’s popular, happy,
and asking for attention
waiting for a moment alone

she wants to be crying,
naked, and lying in her bed
under covers, like a shield

in hiding, in costume
not from the world around
but from her, and her alone
neth jones Jun 2019
We meet at the Museum
hours after it has closed
Dressed - Impress
- Costume ;
All of our Art exposed

We'll feast upon The Security
the mousetrap
and The Ghost
We'll chew upon the wiring
We're the party
and host

                                             - a child in love
#1 Silly-silly / Set Siren to our Prances / Petty Chime to our Dancing Vice / It would make a Tabloid Musical #3 Silly-silly / I wish to take you grotesque places / We’ll wear our masks over nasty faces / For now my immersion lies in cruelty / Of the results I shall form the most lavish jewellery / Together we’ll master a theatre of tomfoolery / I am most grateful for jest / Your breath / And / Above all / Your company.              
- a child in love
a Halloween
standout in
a costume
that bellows
in neither
lake that
clouds their
garnishment that
brews the
heathen in
this gallery
only to
bear false
witness with
euphoria that
brandishes the
wine here
a mark of celebrity counts here
Randy Johnson Mar 2018
I'm the human version of the Energizer Bunny.
People laugh at me but I don't think it's funny.
I put on this rabbit costume and the zipper broke.
I'm stuck in this rabbit costume and that is no joke.
I'm trapped in this costume that is pink.
I've been trapped for three years and I sure do stink.
When I ask people for food, they give me carrots.
I hate being a vegetarian, I can no longer bear it.
I must get out of this costume and I have a **** good reason.
Hunters have rifles and tomorrow is the start of rabbit season.
I'm sick and tired of being a laughing stock to humanity.
Please get me out of this costume before I lose my sanity.
gaga and gall are walking down the street
gaga sees some bling, gall goes in and steals
they end up in the slammer and gansta's
there to greet
gall punches gangsta and naturally gore appeals
gaga wakes from the dream, guts tries to console
he offers her an option and they both get outa' da hole

now gall, gangsta and gore while in solitary
meet with goner and good ol' grouch
glory hallelujah comes up with the key
all escaping sideways from sleeping gangeree
they keep running into gutter, introduced to giddy
all on this gollywoggle jolly hallow night
all whipped up and painted by yours truly
(halloween 2016)
in a silly moment I wrote this as i listenedd to the firecrackers and answered the door to kids in costume and mask ...the night of the living dead ...thoughts about the meaning of Halloween......... the birth and death of persona thru costume, ritual, the make believe world we exist in.
Logan Robertson Oct 2017
We're out at a bar splitting a good night of cheers
Drinks and laughter flowing among peers
Double shots dance around the table
Tonight's the moment, tomorrow's a fable

We garnish the laughter with Halloween
What's your costume, how do you swing
A chorus of "I'll dress up as a cowboy"
Is met by a few rolling eyes, "I'll address their convoy"

Not to be excluded is the gay guy in back that chimes in
And competes with the rolling eyes, cowboys are mine
Laughter of reveries spills faster than the drinks
A 80's song, When Doves Cry, continues to play over the links

A women crashes the party and exhorts the group
Come on guys put your wings on, fly the coup
Halloween's around the corner, make a splash, make waves
Find your muse with a costume that stands up, and raves

Look out to the horizon, the rarefied air, and trick for treats
Find my tunnel of love with a costume that beats
After a pause, a coy smile surface on rolling eye's lip
Oh Melville come with me, come with me, and take a dip

Double shots dance around the table

Logan Robertson

Near four weeks later, moby **** (Melville)  left the stage with 80 views and no comments. Thank you for nothing. The writer purposely veiled this poem as not to spoon feed your intelligence with a play on words. Think again about a costume that would make a splash and evoke rolling eyes to take a dip. The last line refers to the doves, friends, figuring out the riddle, their eyes (double take/shot) taking furtive glances at each other. A planned sequel to this poem was canceled.
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