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Dante Rocío Jun 2020
You shall know thereby
a word or message’s
been right
if your Bowel Heart
trembles at it
whilst Mind can’t wrap its head
around it
(pun intended,
as they say)
Hit the top notch
Sketcher Nov 2018
Roses can be any color,
Violets are not blue,
You are one dumb *******,
From this point of view.
aniket nikhade Dec 2015
When estimates are made, then they are not just estimates,
it’s a way of ascertaining an uncertain future.

An uncertain future gets a glimpse of what seems to be possible in the present at the present moment in time when the estimate is being made.

Scope with regards to future varies in the present and also over a period of time along the future.
Each and everything comes into focus when an estimate is ready and needs to be followed in the present at the present moment in time.
Following a proper line of action comes later, much later.

Initially when everything related to making an estimate comes to mind it's important to take the right steps at the right moment in time.
Initially everything starts with particular line of thinking.
Initially in the present the thought process is very well defined,
so well defined that everything needs to be done keeping in mind the right moment in time.

Over a period of time things change and everything starts taking the right shape.
Now comes the moment in time to make an estimate since everything that is going on in mind gets sorted out and becomes clear.
Now the only thing that comes to mind is that time is going to be important.

Along with time comes an experience when efforts are been made
Along with experience comes accuracy in making an estimate
So never give up in life.

Give your best and always make efforts
A time will come when the importance of time will not only be understood, realized, agreed and accepted, but also it will be kept in mind.
An estimate will then be required keeping in mind the future.

So, there is nothing wrong in making an estimate
After all it takes only a small space of the entire page when making an estimate
So always see to it that you have your estimate ready for the plan that you have made in your mind and then only move towards taking the line of action.
“We are what we are because we have been what we have been, and what is needed for solving the problems of human life and motives is not moral estimates but more knowledge.”
― Sigmund Freud
When has one lost what once was true,
One will know the way to lose,
In which all odds that one assumes,
Imply the one odd within you,

Within one shot there’s no more chance,
Although one shot can take all ten,
If chiseled right it takes the pin,
The mind should set to lose nor win,

The time is set for reigns to fall,
Phithets will soar and shoot to mark,
All though omega shot it hard,
A mega shot target was scored,

The moral for this stanza is,
If you haste slow with controlled swing,
The more likely you pack a sting,
Regret the one who’s rushing in….

— The End —