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JJ Inda Aug 2020
hollow hearts tear at the skin
lust and passion-idle friends
bottles clink during the day
shatter at night.
whispers turn to screams
as the end begins again
Poetic T Mar 2020
I departed
with every occasion  passing.

        But I lived for the moments

yet to come.
Michael A Duff Nov 2017
I have always loved you, even before I knew you i loved you. you were a thought that was imagined to be a fool's errand. until the world in its twisting converging way brought us together drawn like magnets across a short distance with a force that can't be seen but felt yet can not be denied. see you are just as you are supposed to be and I am just as I am. I accept all of who you are and everything you will become, because I love you.
Meeting someone you though youd never find that fit into you life like the missing piece of a puzzle
Michael A Duff Oct 2019
She was flawed, completely; but not in the way she thought.

She was flawed in the way an artist ruins a white canvas with a beautifully colored sunset.

she was damaged, in the way the night sky is broken by the dawn
At times she had confidence and at times she felt as if she was a scrap of something used up
Dhimss Jun 2019
Each click marks the beginning and the end.
Every one I see are in past continuous.
And I miss everything that has happened so far,
Genesee Aug 2018
I love exploring other genres of music
expanding my music taste is fun
in addition to discovering new artists
but do you ever listen to a couple of new songs and immediately afterward feel like you’ve been listening to the song your whole entire life and just fell out of touch with the song
upon discovering it once again you feel this strange sense of peace and belonging
the strumming of a guitar is so peaceful and calming
I have a couple of songs that I’m fond of
and in my head, I envision the types of songs that during certain scenarios
the songs would be played either at high volume
or at a soft volume, it would be so quiet you could almost hear a pin drop  except in the background the strumming of a guitar would be heard  
For example when life gets too hectic or I’m feeling overwhelmed
just listening to one of these songs
makes me forget about life just for a bit and immerse myself in the melody and the message of the song
Written while I was listening to one of the songs that I wrote about in this song
Moeshfiekah Nov 2017
Tears in my eyes almost day and night... the hurt and betrayal by many alike ... family friends...even strangers I met... But you ... today ... Tears fall for companionship... for love... the word I thought my tougne was foreign to... for forever a word that is felt like it was build for you and I... not now not ever will you lose me... or I lose you... I am yours and you are mine... from this night and all nights to come...Tears fall...And as the tear ends on my cheek ... so does the sadness that you have taken away
Marin Jul 2017
I never meant to
do so
yet still

I want to say that
I'm sorry

But I honestly
don't know
to whom

what I
do know

Is that

I'm falling for you
faster than I
could have ever

Marin Jul 2017
Is it just me
or are these walls getting closer
with every step I take forward?

Is it just me
or is this music going mute?
All the sounds disappearing
and becoming nothing but distant echos

My words slip
and as I try to run
so do my feet

I look up
only to see
that it's just you
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