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George Krokos Jun 2018
If you’ve got a letterbox you’ll end up getting junk mail
which will usually be on a weekly basis and without fail.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Cheska Feb 2018
This girl has a mask,
trying her best to be great and different
She own a lot of  compliments from people,
her happiness depend on it.
And she loves attention more than cheetos
This is only the part one.
SJ Sullivan Jan 2016
i take a step back into myself  as the last golden brown

leaf crumbles into dust upon the delicate caress

of your callused, cracked fingertips.

you will find me once again, breathing down

your neck and into your ear, creating ripples

of chills that freeze down each vertebrae of your spine.

adaption is a process that you can never seem to catch

when the cool spring breezes that once warmed your smile

have given way to the morning dew frozen now into

Featured on the Weekly Writing Challenge #58 on
SJ Sullivan Jan 2016
fumbling fingertips, bounce upon
the cold aluminum surface.
the chills don't reach your nerves.
you ask questions.

repeat. day on repeat. not shuffle.
same album 5 times in a row.
walks on sunday. ever stagnant.
acceptability of circumstance.

apologies to the self and to the others.
masking goodbyes with see you later.
flash of memories, fabricated nostalgia.
you have no answer.;_id=42385#collaborationScroll

— The End —