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bahulakaji Sep 14
My eyes closed,
I say to myself
Someone must have placed a heavy metal object on the top of my stomach,
not knowing I'm a human who feels PAIN!
And that person in my mind keeps telling me
that he has kept it gently there.
I say, 'Hey! It's a metal object and it hurts anyway!'
Gathering up some energy,
I go to my table and sit in a chair
Skimming through the pages of my diary,
I try to write a poem,
when suddenly something kicks me from the inside,
keeps making me suffer until I stop.
No wonder I was trying to write about PERIOD CRAMPS!
There you go again!
These cramps are not just pain to my body
but some reminders that keep sneering at me saying,
"No, you can't do that!"
Believe me,
Sometimes they are worse than this society that reminds me of my boundaries.
Anyway, five days pass by
and then I say goodbye.
Seeing my grin,
It decides to remind me,
"My pal, don't you worry
Cause I will be back again."
Marina Sep 2019
feels freely
filled with love and youthfulness,
I tend to to get out of hand
with new recipes and crafts,
journals with coffee
fill my mind with inspiration.

Wishing for brown and red leaves
feeling the cool air of fall
wrapped in warm clothing
and scarfs.
the feeling of hot coco
running inside my stomach
as I sit alone
fully overwhelmed with joy.
- This is what fall feels like
Alexander T Nov 2018
holding my hand
i was on top of the world
the lights all around
defining what surrounds

the feelings that I have for you
in this monthly dream
walking down the street
never thinking about the reality

look at that smile
the happiest girl in the world
im the proudest man alive
I never knew what was coming

this month thats coming
the coldest ever recorded

— The End —