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the realization of numbers
hasn't dawned in her  
mind's matter of

if she doesn't wake up
from complacency's
there will be nowt left
on the listing's

it'll be too late when we're
all looking for a
due to us not having
goodly figures in the

surely she can sense  
our positions are at
as the total amount has
become an

under previous heads
we've not felt
but with her holding
the reins we're in

for over seven months
she's buried her
like the ostrich who can't
see impending

it is perfectly plain
to everyone else
that the units have
slipped onto the

she'll open the file
which will say all
the last manager was
a little too
Joseph Thomson Mar 2017
Drifting away.
No place here to say,
That I do want to stay.

I'd rather lay
In my last day,
Than continue to play
In this way

emma l Dec 2016
pour me into a glass;
tall, still, and skinny;
i'll hold my breath to stay narrow;
and i'll keep quiet;
no rippling of the tide;
no flow of the river inside of my chest;
i serve as the perfect mirror;
put me in front of whoever you want me to be

i take shape of any container you put me in, baby;
pour me from one bowl to another;
ladle me into the grave you dug for me;
bottle me up and keep me in the cellar;
anything you want, i am glad to be;
i'll distort myself to be what you need
part 2
Jennifer Jan 2016
I should be working right now but I'm not,
a pupil beaming on the inside from her rebellion
all in the name of poetry.
Quite sad really...

But I like writing poetry regardless to work,
it's one thing that I can admit comes naturally.
Well I can admit it to myself but to others no way,
I'd like to seem complacent not arrogant.

So mid my rebellion I'll write with a smile,
not because I'm always happy,
I'll smile because today I'm content.
No really I'm writing this in one of my lessons and feeling like writing something a little positive for myself
sweet ridicule Oct 2015
first of all I would like to apologize for my
loving demands of utter complicated simplicity
the extent of my complacent attitude can only
last a few minutes before it is over and there are veins in my brain coursing with salt water

apathetic towards nothing

after the rain fell
and all I could focus on were
my legs intertwined with magic
--funny isn't it, where you can find magic these days--
there were clouds behind my
telltale eyes (not rain clouds
but thunder)
in the purest form

secrets enveloped in my throat
bound to my fragile
but the tips of my fingers are tingling
like I am standing
on the wing of an airplane
and heights
don't scare me as much anymore
things  are happening
Alan S Bailey Mar 2015
Even if I have to, I'll never give up,
For years you keep me in this locked
Box, the rusted key hole of "luck,"
Maybe I'll be rich one day, then I'll make
My dream happen, or maybe I'll die before
I can. Either way it just depends,
Thanks, my complacent "friends!"
Dedicated to all of our "GREAT FRIENDS" in society...
Those that are complacently designed
By the simpering vanities
of a domesticated world
rarely find the peace of mind
of which we all strive
because their materialistic
beliefs constrain them
in pools of normality
Drowning them in the pressures of society
and hanging them out to dry
in downloaded photos
that never fade
our lives are all dictated
by the subconscious influence
of one another
thus our souls
are irrefutably intertwined
locked together in endless struggle
mind against mind.

— The End —