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Autmn T Dec 2020
Tragedy should not make heroes out of villains.
Autmn T Dec 2020
Reality is but a prison to a man who knows no bounds
Autmn T Dec 2020
She is the one your gaze
is kept for
I am the one your hands
are left for
Autmn T Dec 2020
And when the ocean one day reclaims every land we have ever known, we'll find home in eachother. For forever and the forever after.
Autmn T Nov 2020
Is it not enough-
To serve you the sky,
Moon in my hand
Stars a feast spread on our table
Sun circling around our heads
Jupiter in a small, tiny velvet box on the table
Her rings sitting, stagnant
For you to come down from Space.
Autmn T Sep 2020
"Did you steal the last cookie from the jar? Be honest with me."
I questioned him
He shook his head and said "I didn't, I promise" with the crumbs still lining his teeth.
Autmn T Aug 2020
Silence is the loudest in the presence of a lover's lips.
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