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Azlynn Jun 2018
Millions of stars I stare every night
Thousands of dreams I dream every while
Wide as the skies are journeys ahead
Still at it's very start are my footsteps to begin
Blossoms of infinite are held within the soul
Countless are the praises everything that's worth
No matter wherever, I'm made to this moment
Forever I'll stand to make every moment
These hands that were gifted lit lights into the sky
From a heart so pure wished, wished for you to always be near!
Emilio Oct 2017
Dark skies, no rain pours;
A disease that never cures
Only death will come.
Leal Knowone Feb 2015
Still cold water
Clear dark skies
im your daughter
with sorrow filled eyes

Vanish into the void of they heaven
for thou wert never, nor shalt thou ever be
yes the acme of human perfection
into the eyes of delusion you will see

we know not
we shall know
what was lost
and gain control

the dark lord wipes those tears from her eyes
we have seen pride glorified as days go by
Demons live inside me from wickedness done
Demonized Angels Nov 2014
Toes dip into the smoggy air
Count them down
10, 9, 8
Leaning forward
Diving into the city below

He ran as fast as he could
Tears streaming down his face
Reading that letter, flabbergasted
Every second mattered
As these stairs pulled him down

Deep breath in, exhale
Thoughts run rampant
A single tear falls down
She leans further ready to follow

She was about to plummet
As the sun rises, casting her shadow
Her shadow crying
Telling her not to go
His hand clenched tightly on her wrist
Trying his best pulling her back in

His tears form the stars
Their shadows cast upon the moon
She screams 'let me go'
Tears, drip drip drip

He took a deep breath
Exhaling, screaming his heart's out
"I've always loved you!!!
He doesn't love you!! But I do!!
And always will be!!!
So please don't leave me!!!"

She stepped back
Tears streaked her face
If he love her
The end could wait
Beautiful write with help from Erenn!! Hope y'all enjoy it!!
Demonized Angels Sep 2014
My mind is a cage
It locks me within
It speaks of doubts and worries
It burns my skin and ****** my veins
My mind is a room
Filled with mirrors
One by one they list my flaws, fat, pale, emo
I tried to run, but I didn't move
My mind is a wonderland
It's a twisted place filled with secrets
My darkest thoughts lurk in the open
My demons ****** the innocent
My mind is my pair of wings
It sets me free and lets me fly
I soar over my problems with ease
My nightmares fade away
My imagination takes me strange places
Would you be willing to follow me there?
Echo Sep 2014
Don't be mad until you hear out the whole story.
*sigh* This question can't wait. It's ripping my guts out.
Demonized Angels Sep 2014
"Each and everyone of us has a fire that burns inside us and they can try like hell to put out the flame, but as long as in our minds we know who we are meant to be they don't stand a chance." -AndyBiersack, BlackVeil Brides

— The End —