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Karijinbba Sep 2021
Breathtakingly beautiful
your ink it chills to my spine.
How lucky and fortunate
the one queen of hearts
who reigns yours presence
shares your meals, longest
sitting at your footstand lotus
watching the moon dissapear
AM and sun settings views PM
joy peace your bending blues
And will her presence suffice
to forget strenuous promises
to stars in eye glued
to your cloudy thunderous
lightening sky above
heir to all?
at Mr. and Mrs. Andrews.
Karijinbba Sep 2021
Mine is the name
by my lovers quickening
breaths in lips
as his lightening vessel
thunders and quiver
below our cosmic canvas,
as my eyes blink summons
his release fireworks bliss.
Our twin flame ritual paused
his contract mate,
his leather reins she pulls.
it's tug of war, my hands bleed
Killing me softly with his words.
Kassan Jahmal Aug 2021
Bit the taste of thunder;
you're not afraid of it's bark?
Stood still in everything falling down;
there's lightening in those eyes;
Showing you and I have a spark.

You and I; have the reins to love.
TS May 2019
There's an odd sense of peace that lies beneath the surface of a storm, just waiting to be uncovered.

One may be tempted to just look at the chaos and noise and deem it malicious; but if you take a moment to truly uncover it's emotion, the way you look at storms will change forever:

Some may feel high winds, but instead try to feel the rush of energy past your ears, through your hair, and across your skin.

Some may cover from the heavy rain, but instead try running through it, letting it wash over you like cleansing waters.

Some may fear the booming thunder, but instead try to let the vibration course through your veins shaking loose the dust off your passion.

Some may shield their eyes from the blinding lightening, but instead try to trace it's every path across the night sky like a one-of-a-kind, split-second painting that only you have seen.

Some may be working on repairing the aftermath, but instead try to stop and take it all in for a silent moment, as the Earth has just screamed at the top of her lungs and created a masterpiece and you did not hide your face, cover your ears, or shield your head - instead you looked to the sky and breathed it all in; the beauty, the music, the shower of life. You have chosen to see the world as a work of art, even for just a moment - and the Earth smiles because she knows.

A blinding flash of lightening
A distant clap of thunder
The ever blowing gale wind
Stillness torn asunder.
The earth shivers
By the roar of rumbling thunder
Pellets of pattering rain;
A romantic heart will wonder,
Who brought about this grandeur?
Into utter chaos
the world will stumble
Awed by power
Human ego will crumble
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