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Linda Terman Apr 23

What I See and Feel Looking At You...

When the sun first peeks over the mountains in a new day.
The feeling of awe that it inspires with its beauty.

The smell of a field of wild flowers in a green meadow.
The feeling of refreshment it brings.

The sun setting, dropping slowly into the sea.
It's beauty takes my breath away.

The joy of watching a new born calf or horse, taking their first steps.
The wonder of it.

Looking into a clear stream, seeing the fish swimming
beneath the depths.
The awesome feeling of looking into their world.

Watching the full moon rising, slowly into the dark sky.
In silence you watch the beauty and majestic climb.

The stars in the sky, glittering like millions of diamonds in the sky.

Seeing a rainbow, of many colors
That seem to blend to sky and earth, when thy touch.

Watching lovers walking by hand in hand, feeling their joy.

The wonder of birth, the feeling
Holding a new life in your arms, for the first time.

The joy of a first kiss
with all of its bliss.

The warmth of, first love.

The sound of music
Filling me with feelings, from it's melody.

The softness of the clouds, on a soft day.

The power of a thunder clap.

A lightening bolt
Thrown from the sky, striking earth.

The sight of, gently falling snow.

The taste of sweet honey.

The joy of a parent,
when the child takes their first step or says their first words.

The first time a puppy or kitten, opens their eyes and see the world.

Everything that is Beautiful, in this place and more.

All of these, I feel and see
When I look at you.

Linda Terman

lightening doodles
night and city lights dissolve,
more or less than than real?

Maggie Rowen Feb 24

And so, she said

"There will be pain tonight,
an unbelievable amount of pain
that not even the stars know as they supernova,
that not even the earth knows
as it's land is torn in two by quakes,
that not even the sky knows
as it is ripped apart by lightening.
It is a pain that is unleashed from the very depths of the soul
and leaves the thinnest traces of its mark
on the exterior of the human body.

"It is a constant torrential downpour,
a constant tsunami of grief;
it is a pain that will be known
by the most fearsome of men.
It is a wrath that lashes its victims,
leaving nothing in its remains."

Kewayne Wadley Dec 2016

It was hard to forget her
Especially on overcast days.
The spots we stood, eavesdropping in the clouds where she came the hardest.
The quiver sent through her spine constituting the lightening that left her paralyzed.  
She stood electrified, curious of where we would strike next.
All I wanted was to be needed.
Soaked in the rain that poured
In between sounds of thunder.
Her moan was the loudest.
In the pursuit of true happiness
I stood in her storm.
Pacing back and forth becoming the lightening rod causing her to strike.
With gusts up to about 120 mph she came without haste.
A bolt of lightening, devoured by swollen space.
As strong and as fast as she came she was fragile.
Collapsing soon as she struck.
Dissipating into the belief that she was to disappear without a trace.
Thunder pierced through the sky.
Bellowing her return.
The crackle of her moan replied, wrapping around complete space.
Resting her head for moments longer.
Changing the way she saw herself

It blows and claps
The limbs begin to crack
It smokes and cries
The water can't be held back

It shakes and groans
The hills implode
You cry and scream
At the place which was once serene

Kewayne Wadley Sep 2016

We were but strikes of lightening sealed in a glass jar
Flumbling about
Nowhere to go
Exhaushed, we conducted ourselves
With a slight curb of enthusiam
Sprung to life with the slightest touch
Electric current twirling forward, then back
Sparks igniting beneath our toes
Traces of where we've been crackled
Sizzled in a flash by the dark spot of glass
We were irresponsible in the abduance of each other
The glass soon stained by soot
Purified by the euphria of what came to be known as climatic
Every taste
Every passion
Soon expoliting what soon came to be known as each other
We polluted ourselves with each other
Becoming the overcast beneath the top of the sealed jar
Surrounded by absolute dark;
The way I saw the universe in her eyes
Laying beneath the night sky surrounded by acres of  thought
Vast in length
Breathless in thought
A jolt of vibration quivered in heart

Hannah J Chesley Aug 2016

We are at the mercy of the city, they said.
Trapped and bound, it wasn’t pretty.
We are the kids who have accomplished nothing.
The kids who lived too fast.
The kids who didn’t live at all.
Wanting to be something, facing the fall.

Laughing in the face of darkness.
Pretending to do our jobs while they drop pennies.
Here and there, bounding everywhere.
Facing the end of the map,
Opportunities landing everywhere but our laps.

Then the lights come on, at the game’s end.
The charade is over, no time left to pretend.
Pretend to be grown, happy, and alone.
Together in this land of the infinite unknown.
Cliche’d and replayed and lost in the many quotas.
Not enough going on anymore to really take note of.

Amethyst May 2016

Your skin smells like summer camp,
it lingers on me like chlorine from a pool in July.
Your laughter radiates through your bones like electricity.
I used to tell them all about you-- the boy with the bright eyes that seem to smile before a smile can form on his lips.
I am crazy, all in the best ways and all for you.
I identify as what you call me when I am between the sheets with you.
Your little girl, your little slut, your whore.
All for you.
Lightening, lightening, you are bolts of lightening.
And I'm afraid you've struck something in me because I am on fire for you, darling.

Jessi Fusilier May 2016

She is the calm before the storm
one deep breath of her cool scent
and her foreshadow
will send chills over your skin

She is the rain
her cold drop on your lashes
will remind you
of the things you did to her

She is the thunder
her voice filled with pain
seeps inside you
like the time she tried to die

She is the lightening
her brightness so quick
it is gone
before you can see her shine

She is the storm
that dances
never complete

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