Misty Eyed Feb 16
she has the moon in her eyes,
and the sun in her smile.
she is a walking contradiction,
with no real direction.
unsure of the world around her,
she hides behind clouds and thunderstorms.

she is the lightening and the sunshine,
the night and the day.
she might just let herself slip away.

she has the sun in her smile,
but the moon in her eyes.

Seema Feb 9
In the land of purity and bliss...
I left my soul in the purb of gist...
While busy collecting the broken pieces of my heart...
I stumbled upon this beautiful majestic art...
With sunken eyes and thoughtless motion...
I watched it bloom in the middle of the ocean...
Oh what a night to see this tremendous light...
With such radiants beeming the entire night...
Whoever catches this glimpse of tonight...
Shall forever seek to see this night after night...

...and it's a rainy night again.
I know my love isn't easy-
It's not wrapped in a neat little box-
Or tied with a sparkly bow-
No-my love is fire-
It's Lightening and Thunder-
It will eat you alive-
My love will grab your soul-
and hold it tight-
But I promise you this-
You will never want to let it go-
Let's face it-people like us-
Are always drawn to the flame-
Somi kaushik Jan 25
Can give 100's of satisfaction
For lightening the life.

Can give 100's of hopes
For moving away from the darkness.

Can give 100's Of proof
For achieving a brighter way.

Can give 100's of illuminance
For maintaining the self build perspective.

Poured oil in diya is enough to complete the life.
Misty Eyed Jan 20
You were the moon; ghostly and looming.
I was the lightening; formidable and opaque.
We started as lovers, across a sea of stars.
But the immense and powerful waves of emotion
had taken their toll.
You cried that I was too sporadic, and untouchable.
I screamed that you were too trivial, and distant.
I guess the only thing we had in common,
was that we were both lonely lights shining brightly
in the vast and cold sky.

S P Lowe Jan 12
Skyscraping popplers
bow their leafless tops and creak
from harsh, shrilling wind.

Puddles fill pockets
where footprints carved soggy mud,
rippling with rain.

Smoke wafts lazily
from chimney tops, blending with
mold’s pungent perfume.

Electric branches,
streaking the overcast night--
CRACK! The walls vibrate.

Only when dawn’s light
bleeds gold and pink horizons
does the storm pass.
Danielle Free Oct 2017
Rain sieved through my window screen, leaving clear freckles upon my cheeks.

The stars blanket the sun, but still flashes of white light up my room.

The sky roars and it cries as though it's fed up and the air rushes bitter down my side.
Shane Leigh Sep 2017
What Gods play with light
             and bend the water to make lightening?
     Who do they fight in the dark distance?
Staring into the abyss of night while,
            flash after flash, do catch my eye.
     I ponder again:
What Gods do play with light
and bend the water
          to hiss and crackle in the night?
© Shane Leigh
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
Genre; Western Ethereal Cosmic Cowboy Hard Country Rock
Sub-Genre; Cowboy Rant!

Listen up now
'cause I heard the rumour
Best take heed
there won't be any warning
Son of a Gun
goodness knows He's comin'
Cowboy Dread,
Justice He's a walkin'

Riding three horses,
Death, Plague and War
He'll send you to Hell
and burn you to the core
Give you the nightmares
of your worst fears
I told you so
and I know you hear

He'll salt your fields
and disease your castle
Poison your wells
and slay your cattle
Sell your stuff
in a two dollar raffle
Lightening strikes
when the Cowboy's
sabre rattles

The damned will see
the smoke and dirty shadows
Stumbling down
through the thistles
and the cowards
Crying out to God
who never was a listenin'
They'll hear His answer
when Justice shadows passin'

The good folk say,
You know they had it comin'
He's given' good to the good
and the rest
are gettin' nothin'
All the downtrodden
and the caste
they been lost in
clapping their Hands
seein' hope on the horizon

The children see
the rainbows
with the showers
The children see
the meadows
and the flowers

The children smile
'cause their tired of cryin'
They been saying
their prayers
and the truth
it ain't a liein'

Innocence cries
Goodness is flying
Goodness sighs
Justice is riding
Justice arrives
Truth is in the saddle

The good folks say
this is all about to happen

'Cause they heard
it's all been written
a good mans riding
They can plant their seed
and live to see the harvest

He'll set things right
'cause He's on a mission
Gonna' send them to Hell
so we can live in Heaven

He's ridin' three horses
Faith, Hope and Love
Ridin' night and day
on the breezes from above
Ain't hearin' nothing
but the whispers
of His doves
Ain't got nothin'
but for the ones He calls Beloved

Listen up now
'cause I heard the rumor
Best take heed
there won't be
any warning
Son of a Gun
goodness knows
He's comin'
Cowboy Dread.
Justice, He ain't just a talkin'.


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