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luciana Oct 2021
Smoke lingers from every corner of the street
A sad man leans on the side of a closed barbershop
Rustic silver bars hold up the stumbling drunks
The man thinks to himself
"a sad sober man is just as pathetic as a careless drunken man"
luciana Mar 2021
And here I am
praying to see your smile
"all good things must come to an end"
I'll still find you in my dreams once in a while.

For now I must put
these hopes to rest
hidden away in this notebook
hold my heart that you have blest.

You represent these lost
feelings of happiness and contentment
I found them, but with a cost
our dreams and reality resulted in tension.

please know this
I believe we met for a reason
we could still reminisce
but I'm keeping the idea of us from leaving.
what's new
luciana Mar 2021
rays of light shimmer through
our breath synchronized
both, you and i
encompassing one another
refuged from reality
the day starts to unfold
the only good thing I got out of it was this poem
luciana Mar 2021
little blue bird
fly north
she brings the spring
to her new home
luciana Feb 2021
those first few steps
a quick glance
the sun is starting to set
you begin to ask me for one last chance

as the autumn leaves turn
one last look into your eyes
I am taken by concern
every good memory I was taught to despise

this love story was nothing but an experiment
you didn't want commitment
every discussion you were hesitant
so I was forced to be distant

why the sudden change
when time is never ending
these promises you now exchange
why do I feel that you're pretending?
luciana Feb 2021
thinking of when our next encounter is
I've been waiting patiently
I was left to only reminisce

you made a mark in the depth of my mind
I was captivated then and now

I am weak
wanting to be wanted
"I miss you" is all I seek
luciana Feb 2021
there's no comfort at this time
stuck in shattered hopes
my body cold
no more of these love rhymes
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