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luciana 22h
you're tired mi amor
you don't have to stay awake anymore
come, gentle night.
laying next to you, I've never felt like this before
seemed as if life was nothing, but a bore
come, gentle night.
there's nobody else that I adore
having to say good-bye is something I can't afford
come, gentle night.
but for you, I will always care for
therefore, I must go
trying to convince myself that this is for the best
I head out the back door
come, gentle night.
luciana Jul 2
1:21 am
thinking of who I am right now
tired of these day dreams
always caught up being alone
even at home.
everyone has these same seconds
I experience this too often
a maze of mirrors I get lost in
sitting still.
head so heavy.
maybe I need a pep talk or a pill
1:35 am
made no progress
it's hard controlling my head
life's importance grows less and less
this was months ago when every night was rough and I couldn't fathom where I was with my life or how I felt every day.
luciana Jun 29
new day
old feeling
same life

head dizzy as I lay
am I truly being?
in this world of strife

hold my weight
as I try to figure out
what has come of me

I ask if this is my fate
you're filled with doubt
I try to agree
honestly, i couldn't come up with a title. i personally hate titles
luciana Jun 28
every time I try to escape you
I start to feel empty to my very core
I'd rather hold on then say adieu
because either way I was a wreck before
luciana Jun 28
A piece of white paper
A box of new crayons
An assortment of colors
A palette of shades that are
More than just labels

Chestnut; a horse's coat
A woman's locks
And a roasted treat.

Mahogany; a tropical tree
A dining table
And a name of a bay.

Copper; a lucky penny
A kettle
And Lady Liberty's robe.

Burnt Orange; a sunrise
A sunset
And a sunburn.

Brown; hot cocoa
A chocolate lab
And muddy boots.

Flesh; pale peach skin
Not mine
And maybe not yours.
This was a poem I wrote in high school as part of a final English project. My poetry has progressed, but I'm still proud of it. My professor loved it = high grade which is good enough for me
luciana Jun 28
as the day surrenders
i find myself
slouched and
i'm not one to flock
with others
or be approachable
i miss the
excitement and movement
endless nights
even if i prefer
a small gathering
i find myself
alone. at least
i had a choice to
look present
back then i would feel alone in a crowd, but i wouldn't look alone. sitting in my room I am physically and mentally alone
luciana Jun 25
your eyes with shimmering lies
that captivating smile
tell me what you truly desire
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