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Dara Slick Jan 2018
I feel the pain in my lower back,
from the low blows life throws.
I am so afraid to speak to the people in my life,

it took me four months just to finish this,
and I don't even like it.

That is what failure feels like.
failure is a bee sting
Some of me wants to scream
most of me wants to die
Devils climbing like monkeys
tearing all at my spine
Try to leave em behind
chasing after divine
When i wake from my rest
devils infest my mind
I heard existence is pain
i heard pain makes you strong
My lack of patience is ******
this narrow road is too long
To keep you my pride was tucked
draining myself of luck
Raining such heavy drops
straining in mud im stuck
Shallow is not the muck
screaming out what the ****
Breaking my housing walls
heading depressions call
Shaking the tree for fruit
waiting for some to fall
All of the fruit was rotten
by mistorturne im mauled.
So im told
stay within the mold
Disobey the old
following the young
eating all the fruit
Nature's very giving
humans are obtuse
We are ''liberating''
killing them for killing
It's quite debilitating
To watch
blood filled socks  
Negative experience
need to detox ;
I dont ******* care
about your **** or ***
Your soul is pretty foul
the *** ill always pass
Id rather have l o v e..
Unseen like the breeze
they say its a disease
Lack essentials
nice parental ;
Seemed it meant nada
remain low key
If you not a top shotta  ;
so it goes
Ache from the soul
never feel whole
Till his hands reach his goal
high like the sun
Drive wasn't fun
regret filled his lungs
Exhaled lots
got got ;
Buried in the shade
trees kept him cool
Against his cards raged
friends out phased
Tall walled maze
pretty ****** lost
Slummed out days
Out of gas
out of joy
lacking energy
A mess
anxiety inside
My chest
im pressed
Looking for an answer
something to clear the way
My mind perplexed and clouded
with heaving disarray
I used you as a bridge
you broke as i was crossing
I hate myself for this
no medicine for pain
The harm has much to give
iv everything to gain
No one's sweet anymore
people taste bitter
Everyman for themselves ;
my heart crying
Where is love ;
that honey flavored bliss i wish to find
So that i forget about the blades which came behind
Sometimes i don't belong in my skin
depression would have me aching while i held it within ;  
While wishing he had somebody
somebody who could destroy this
He let his sadness take over like how devils posses..

I really do belong in my skin
love would have me cursing at the heavens above
Many would **** their brother
like abel and cain ;
He'd show love to one another
the sisters the sons and mothers
Only way of escaping inescapable pain..

I wish i could belong in my skin
body cold like heavy snow all-though he's warmer within ;
While wishing he had somebody
somebody who he could cuddle
Somebody who'd help rebuttal devils talking to him;
he gave up.
The rabbit laughing as he passes the turtle
theres a pit coming up
now his body is curdled
I heard
the lord did nothing for a loser
Why create me a shoddy willed drug abuser ;
used to watch when small as the sun rise and fall
Now i sit inside but cant escape the fiery ball
crippled by depression
My weapon is my mind
so of-course it figures
into it devils grind ;
Their paws
the people clapped their hands and show applause
When another brother who mislabeled is in gauss  
quick to point the finger
"Muslims are the enemy"
"evil white oppressor"
Aren't we all the same
the only standing difference
Is skin color and name..

I heard ;
that dog eat dog was never the way
As if people were at peace before on some later date
planned on bringing wood to burn
To reset that fire ;
till i grew to know my brothers and became uninspired..
My heart is often shriveled
anxiety derailing
As if before i start i slip and fall already failing
i heard that god was evil
He basked in the light
if you questioned his work
you were cast in the night
I would sit in the trees
when the sun's feeling down
As i spoke to the moon
with my feet off the ground.
Used to scream when i got stabbed in the back
when their weren't many blades to show i had been attacked
Living for the future got me feeling ****** in the moment
looking back it seems as though iv been my toughest opponent
Love is often in my mind alike to swimming from sharks
overjoyed if you make it
But you'll most likely die
as the current is vicious
Where the predator thrives
am i ***** for staying
Where my strings aren't tied..
used to scream when i got stabbed in the back
Now i use the knives they left me for revenge i exact ;
a homie had once told me i should dig up two graves
When im getting one back
for the pain that they gave..
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