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Letter Box: ‘Why does nobody comes this way’?

Me: ‘Maybe, they prefer an email’?

Letter Box: ‘Really? That means I am no more needed’.

Me: Not really! Maybe, they need you for registered posts only.’

Letter Box: ‘Well, what is an email’?

Me: ‘It is an electronic message that is instant moving from one gadget to another’.

Letter Box: ‘Oh, so it is faster than me. It is instant that is why I am discarded.’

Me:’ You are not discarded. You are just less used these days’.

Letter Box: ‘It is instant and faster but can one feel the touch of the paper? Can a mother touch the words written by her son and feel the warmth of his affection? Can a father embrace the letters drenched in his daughter’s tear who is miles away? Can all this be possible in an email’?

Me: ‘No, not at all. But you know what the world has changed now. And maybe, you did not notice. There are more people on gadgets than in the garden, where you are place’.

Letter Box: ‘I know as there are no footballs that hit me anymore. There is no one who looks at me – waiting for that one letter eagerly. They just pass by me – as if I do not exist. Oh, it hurts, it really hurts so much’!

Me: ‘You are still needed, and that is why you are still here.’

Letter Box: ‘Maybe, but still I wait for that football to hit me, and that postman to unlock. I still wait’!
Perdue Poems Apr 10
A feeling
Buh-boom buh-boom

A dance
One two one two
Perdue Poems Apr 7
Ticking Tocking never stopping
Beeping Booping always bopping
Never stopping, always going
Ticking Tocking Beeping Booping

Sliding Slipping never ending
Scratching Scrawling always working
Never ending always weeping
Sliding Slipping Scratching Scrawling

Clicking Clacking never ceasing
Flipping Flashing always blending
Never ceasing always numbing
Clicking Clacking Flipping Flashing

Pulling Praying never halting
Wanting Wishing always failing
Never halting always craving
Ticking Sliding Clicking Pulling
I need to talk.
Had been hoping you would
Walk beside me, hold my hand,
Watch my back as I do yours.
This self destructive cycle
Has me spinning in circles
Madness on a rats wheel
Roller coaster riding
As sanity flits like a flutterby
Just outside my reach
No wonder I don’t remember
Why would I want to?
I am beside myself and
Apart from you
Pleading on deaf ears
For a moments peace
Pressure release before I
Implode. Boom.
Just like that.
Boom boom.
Bardo Oct 2018
Gloom! Gloom! Gloom!
I can't see the Room for the Gloom
Is there anything else in this Room...
   but Gloom ?
How can I bloom with all this Gloom
   in the Room ?
How can I find my Vroom Vroom ?
I start a poem "Too soon! Too soon!"
And then it stops
And then there's Gloom
Fetch me a Broom that I might sweep
   away all this Gloom
If only there was something else in the
   Room... if only.

Doom! Doom! Doom!
How did you get in the Room ?
Who let the Doom in ?
The Doom is in the Room... Again!!!
Doom! Leave the Gloom alone
Doom!! Put the Gloom down
Doom!!! I'm warning you now!

Shall I fume, shall I fume ?
Locked in here with the Gloom and
No! I shan't fume
They'd only say he's too far goon
What I need is a boom, a big big
A Big Bang a boom boom Boom!
A Boom BOOM enough to fill the
   whole Room
With that kind of BOOM!
I could take off to the Moon
Then I'd sing a different tune
There'd be no more Gloom and Doom.

But then, where would they go, what
   would they do
Poor old Gloom and Little Doomy
They'd be out there in the cold with
   nowhere to go
Lost without any Roomy
They'd be looking in the window at me
   all sad and teary
My poor Old Gloom and my poor Little

No! I love my Old Gloom and, I love
   my Little Doomy
I know what I'll do
I'll put the Boom in my Room with my
   Gloom and my Doom
And then we'll all have ourselves a
   HUGE party
A Big Blooming Booming Gloomy
A Big Bang a Bang a Boom Boom
   Boomy Doomy
We'll all have a Ball in no time at all
Down at the Old Gloom and Doomy.
A bit of fun for Halloween.
Simple Jul 2017
She was original,
wasn't she?
She made your heart
go boom
as soon you laid
eyes on her,
her gorgeous hair,
her gorgeous ****
eyes staring into your soul
wishing you'd love her
more than you ever could.
Love is dangerous,
so is she,
watch out,
she'll come running
stabbing you
in the throat
for words
you held back
as you fell in
love with her.

Such a pity
that this is only
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018


You got me.

What now



What a



You showed me
Ya hurt me
hope it helps
m May 2018
the overground, the
boom-boom, boom-boom,
the repetitive rhythm
of youth, of you, of
your hands between my thighs,
of yellow-golden-brown
sun stains on the wall,
of yawns interrupted by kisses.
that train lulled me to sleep,
it opened my heart and
it broke me, silently,
into a saltwater version of truth;
where am i? what am i
supposed to be doing here?
why can't i see you?
i scream into my pillow
these rhetorical tortures
until my throat is numb and
my head feels like
that train;
boom-boom. boom-boom. boom-boom.
i can't stop thinking about that **** train
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