Ashley Kane Apr 11
Spring where the F are you
How can I work on my allotment when you tease us with rain and snow
The beast that comes and undoes and freezes
Stopping new growth in its foot steps
Making ground cold and hard
Outhouses burst pipes like a fountain held in suspended animation
And only to a robins delite
Winter a cruel mistress who just won’t quit
I yearn for my new love ! For the warmth of sun on my skin
For roses to bloom
And birds to sing
..... hurry the F up already

(C) Ashley Kane FB
Firmly pressed,
Lips on lips.
Hungry for more.

Eagerness and expectation fulfilled by
Nibbled lips, dancing tongues, and gnashing teeth.


Consuming you is consuming me.

Let the candle burn at both ends,
In the middle the flame will *****, then

At our core, we are explosive--
Fiery passion, life, and love.

Kiss me, and I'll show you.
There is approximately
a trillion stars in the universe,
or maybe even more.
Almost eight billion people
breathing in this world,
spending their lives
wondering about thoughts,
wandering on the surface.
A million chosen words
to carefully describe it.
To describe how significant it is,
to state the greatness
behind all of it
A thousand memories to be kept.
To savor every laughter heard,
every tear wiped,
every lips that touched.
A hundred friends to be met,
probably waiting
for a nice chitchat.
And then
there is you.
The ever-brilliant star,
my kind of star.
I am getting this hint of what I am feeling. It is strange yet I love every moment of it.
Ashley Kane Apr 3
Don’t Forget ....

To hold hands
                 To laugh at each other
          To share secrets
Cuddle up on the sofa
                 Consider each other
Kiss each other
                           Dance to music with each other in your lounge like no one is watching

To share silly antitdotes
      Share fears share dreams

(C) Ashley Kane FB
Ashley Kane Apr 3
I Wish I could love myself
See my own beauty that others apparently see

I wish I could feel my body’s worth and potential
I wish I could live to be the best me

To fill myself with nutrition and goodness
To have wild ambition and love free

To fight for my dreams and feel full and high on life
Why can’t I do this for me ?

Why do I poison myself with sugar and gin
Why don’t I get up and move

Almost brain dead, catatonic
old and to broken
Just a big disappointment to me

My own expectations have fallen and gone
My self respect doesn’t exist

I exhaust from self reproaching jokes and I don’t expect anything of me

(C) Ashley Kane Fb
  Apr 3 Ashley Kane
as my sun sets, yours begins to arise
my lights get dimmer by the hour
while yours revive

as my moon awakens, yours prepares to descend
my surroundings steadily grow calmer
while yours unsuspend

even though our distance extends miles,
the moment we gaze above the mayhem around us
is when we are both looking at the same sky

the scenery may appear a bit different,
but when i tilt my head upwards to the stars
i feel that you are doing the same

so to my one and only,
whenever you feel alone or empty
just glance up at the wonders in the sky

because i am also doing so
"when my sun sets, your moon rises"
Ashley Kane Mar 31
Put a gun to my head and bang shoot me dead

Would you run through the door as I’m bleeding on the floor ?

Or would you stay and cry as my blood begins to dry?

Would you face the knot for the one you shot

Could u atone for your sins for the love that had been?  

Will a smile be on your face
As they put me in my case ?

When your done with me who will you torture next ?

Put a gun to my head and bang shoot me dead

(C) Ashley Kane FB
Wrote when younger stuck in bad marriage
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