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Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2019
Maybe in misguided mistakes
Messes made, erratic errors,
There is beauty hiding to be found
A point to all the madness and terrors

I want to believe in bigger reasons
Tried and failed so many times
The blood I've shed and sacrificed
Payment for past crimes

Every up is shortly followed
By an equal down
The saying states that what goes
Around will come back around

Today I celebrate every gain
Do not mourn any loss
There is meaning to be found
In each bump you come across
Mistakes help you grow
SelinaSharday Feb 2019
What a wreck such a mess.
Some say This poetry is such a wreck.
She shared a beautiful mess.
Some say I have no words for this mess.
Poetry needed a way to be released of its stress.
Other saw her Poems as a awful mess.
The village gave poetry such loneliness.
Gone and forgotten poetic protest.
Some said the Poems were flawless.
Others said They couldn't tap the keys for such dialect
It's ok curtain will cover, windows will close on Beautiful Mess!
s.a.m 2019 protected
@risky messes..creative challenges..
Thera Lance Dec 2018
The Messes We Leave
                                                             The Cats You Dump on My Door

There’s a black plastic bag sleeping in a tree
And an orange cat who treads beneath it,
Flinching at
The jack-o-lantern grins
That the coyotes give
As they prowl about at night.

                                                           Even after we take him inside,
                                                                             He’s often so scared
                                                                     Wide-eyed and meowing
                                        Like these new owners will leave him too.

There’s a whole litter
Gone in scattered bones
Except for one who watches from rooftops and trees.

                                                                  He never meows, that one,
                                             Never accepts the invitation to come in.

There’s a pregnant kitten
Barely more than skin,
And a white calico
Who stares at us with the same cunning eyes
That outwitted the wolves other pale cats did not.

             Those are the handful we tucked away behind these walls,
                                                                        The rest are not so lucky.
                                                     A pair of siblings who lost the third
                                          Two toms who yowl to each other at night,
                       Those are just the handful who survive still out there.
          Together, they are that small number out of countless dozens
                              Who disappeared under car tires and canine teeth.
Mostly autobiographical with a few details changed for poetic flow. I really love  cats; but I never envisioned having to take care of so many due to other people's cruelty and ****** shelter options. On a positive note, most of these scared cats calm down some after a few months and spend a lot of time sitting on top of people and purring.
Alaska Oct 2016
We're just two broken hearted people trying to make it through our messes together.
Cat Fiske May 2016
The neighborhood,
was quite good,
until the neighbors saw,

but I promise you it was just a humble fluke
that sadly my neighbors saw..
behind the hedges I had to puke,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

I hit their dog,
due to some fog,
and the neighbors saw,

and then our cat,
made a ****,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

and then my son,
****** their daughters tongue,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

and then are snake
ended up in there lake,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

and the one time our dog,
ate Mrs. Millers clog,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

and sometimes at night,
my husband and I fight,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

and my kid screams why,
and begins to cry,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

and our neighbors husband was on patrol,
and he saw me stole,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

one time I borrowed a book,
but instead I took.
and sadly the neighbors saw.

I began to sing,
and scared Mr. King,
and sadly the neighbors saw,

and I know I'm bad,
and a little mad,
and sadly the neighbors never saw,

that I was watching
and kind of stalking,
and sadly I saw...
M Feb 2016
You, and your tricks and your toys
Running with your bad ideas
Like scissors You, and your kicks and your ploys
To see what messes you could create for your gallerias.

Feed me *******
Smoke me down  
Pour me champagne
Evaporate this town

You're a liar
But I need you in my marrow...
Yes, now, the notes are gettin' higher
The hallways narrow

As my brain gets brighter
Eyes get wider
Life gets lighter
As I sip sweet cider

I'll look up longer
Still connected to Earth's core
Body to mind, stronger
Watching beauty, on it's hinges swing the door

Leaves drip like tears from trees
As the clouds paint the sky
But still life is full of idiosyncrasies
And you still told too many lies

— The End —