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Perfection, imperfection.
Just give me cold injection or play with me in superfection.
Sometimes, I wish my soul
Wasn't so sensitive
I extend my exposed hand out
For others to grab
Sometimes, my reach
Is acknowledged and held onto
Other times, it's crushed
With the overwhelming and
Presumptuous weight
Of being a burden and
A disappointment

This pain is very strong
This suffering tugs and
Drags me down
A sinkhole that I don't even
Notice I'm falling through

Until it's too late
Until I feel lightheaded
When my heart beats
In fluttering patterns
Until my chest tightens
And I feel a knot in my throat

It's hard to swallow this air I breathe
For at times, it's so dense and thick
But there's no fog, no illusion
Just allusions to the fact
That I'm tired...
A barren tree
A lot of life to give
But an abandoned seed
In my mind
That's what my demons tell me

This is my story of triumph
That I'm still writing
This is my journey
That I'm still fighting.
This poem centers around my anxiety. It's something that I struggle with, and as of recent, I've dove into writing more about it. It definitely helps chip away at the marble every time I shape it into a form of art. A reminder to anyone who struggles with anxiety and depression, that you're not alone, there are ways to cope, and you're loved, always.
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
What is it that I turn to thee
What hold you have on my whole being

I write I take a hit of smack and then I write and don't look back

The truth comes out I sensor not
And it will end far sooner than I thought.
Eyal Lavi
Oskar Erikson Jul 2017
i want to add some colour to this overtly sanguine
A Watoot May 2015
City noise drowned by my ears.
Rays of sunlight passed through leaves.
As cool breeze blew my hair,
I realize, I really wasn't there.

Inoculation started with titanium tips;
I looked elsewhere and thought real deep.
Anesthesia sunk down in my cheeks.
My face feel numb with swollen lips.

I think my mind wandered far enough,
Little me saying "Hey, I'm tough."
But my tongue tasted blood and rust.
But hey, I still do give my trust.

Continuously, he said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
While bringing it back, after taking the ivory.
The familiar scent of isopropyl filled the air.
He gave me a specimen of the ivory that I once took care.
My mind wandered off in the middle of my surgery. ouch
shåi Aug 2014
people can be
a lethal injection
of agony

people will stab you
and ask you
if you are bleeding

people can make you swallow their lies
as if it was a bowl of the finest food
laid in front of you

sometimes some pretend
as if pain does not hurt
as if the concept of pain
does not exist

why do we always ignore
ignoring is the outcome
of society's war
against itself

im very tired to write lately i apologize
shåi Aug 2014
to be beautiful
can be such
a dangerous poison

but to love
is the ultimate
lethal injection

sorry im on a huge writers block
Lunar Jun 2014
take a shot;
down it all in one go and feel the temporary high
take a shot;
click the button to capture the moment and make it forever
take a shot;
inject yourself and be immune to life's diseases
take a shot;
attempt to do the impossible and prove haters wrong
take a shot;
a go at the goal and score as much as you can
take a shot;
at life and live it to the fullest.
No time to lose. You only live once. Take a shot.
Patrick Conroy Sep 2013
I'm nauseous.
Soaking in cold sweat.
Unable to eat or sleep.
My heart beats S-O-S within my veins.
Begging for an injection of you.
i Mar 2014
that sharp needle,
that is stuck into your arm,
is telling me that you're gone.
that fatal dose of drugs,
your addiction that was inevitable,
and i didn't stop it on time.

**i am sorry,
i am sorry that i found
you on the bathroom floor
dead, if i only came
earlier, you would have been alive
and breathing.

— The End —