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jl May 2022
I tell her how
how I drown
in the sparkle
of your brown eyes
I tell her
how I think
I think im
like an asteroid

she listens and
she tells me
about her sun
and how she
drowns in his light,
their star crossed
how they can

I guess
you're the sun
and I
im the moon
she's the only one that understands
jl May 2022
when you look at a star
you're looking back in time

so why then
when I look at you
all I can see is the future?
all I see is him when I look at the stars
jl Sep 2021
each night I stare down at my love.
supine, she lies
staring into the sky above.
with the melancholic hues of her eyes,
tear tracks reflecting in the light
and sweet little lips that told sweet little lies.
why does she come out here late at night?
for her longing expression could be my demise!

oh, but how beautiful a demise that would be!
though that means I can no longer be in sight...
that we could never be her and me..
but at least then I couldn't taunt or smite
and take away her small feeling of glee!
but with silent ideals - we are two worlds apart.
and I could never be a true devotee..
because our star crossed love is a tragic work of art.
im back!!
jl Feb 2019
You are smoke.

You are smoke.
Impossible to touch,

You are smoke.
Because even though you slip
through my fingers,
And I can't hold onto you,

You suffocate me.
You make it hard for me to think.
You seep into every inch of my lungs;
You are harmful.

You are smoke.
Evaporating vapour;
And all I want to do is breathe you in.
"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs." - William Shakespeare
jl Feb 2019
Spawn of dying stars
Scattered sentient stardust
Stripped of sensation

jl Jan 2019
Glowing silver orb
Pale rays caressing the waves
Soothing lonely souls

Selenophile: a person who loves the moon
jl Jan 2019
Life is akin to a symphony.
Even though everything is temporary,
And our existence is
But a few notes,
Each and every one of us
To its masterpiece.

~ j.l.
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