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Sometimes when I can't sleep at night
I reread your letters to me to feel at ease
And every time you and I have a fight
I know that every low moment just leads
To more highs of embracing you completely in love
Embracing you in my heart
And more than anything in heaven above
I just want to be a part
Of the reasons you laugh and smile,
The reasons you tremble with joy and glee,
And despite the distance, despite every mile
I know that you and I will always just be
Fine in knowing that love is infinite, love is eternal
Your voice is the calm wind on a sea
Your smile is the fire raging in a furnace
Your laughter is the old friend I love to greet
Your soul is the infinite love beneath your surface
I know I can be a bit much on some days
I know I can be less than the perfect man
But I will try now and will try always
Because the only thing I want is to hold your hand
the only way i can catch my sleep
is to count the reasons why iloveyou
but until now, i'm still awake
oh i forgot to remind myself
that my love for you is always
Abigale May 6
in bed

I do nothing
but lay in this bed

"ABIGALE!!!" I can hear
my name being called as if I'm
some sort of maid to her every beck
and call but I'm not, I'm just her daughter

I'm just her tired, lonely, sad, and afraid, daughter
Who at times feel grateful but at others feel terrified
I don't know what to do, what to say, or how to be myself
when all I feel is sadness in her presence yet at the same time
undying & endless love because after all, she is my one and only
I don't even know what this is but it's something I thought I'd share ; )
ren Nov 2018
i think, i think i can still be with you.
i think i still have a chance.
i pray that i do even though
you probably think so much less of me now.
i dug myself this grave-
that i am not ready to lay in
because i still wish to lay beside you,
wish to feel an endless amount of love
wish to feel so safe in your arms
but it is all only a dream.
my dreams are now dead,
i am dead,
my eyes burn as i cry for you,
i suffocate in my apologies that you don’t hear.
i repeat,
i am dead
and sadly,
i am no longer with you.
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
You give me life

You give me all that I need to be.
You turn me into someone I should always have been.
If there is ever anything that you need,
Then I will share with you my everything.

If you would try as much as I promise to,
Then maybe you and I could make it through.
You give me the push I need to try to improve.
I will be honest and share with you all of my truth’s.

You give me the life that I always wanted.
I want to change into what you want me to be;
All that which you ever dreamed.
Let destiny decide if we are meant to be.
I think the two of us together could become anything.

There are no limits to how high you and I could rise.
You take me with you as you climb to new heights.
With you at my side I believe we could fly.
If love is endless, then this feeling I have for you will never die.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Forever continued

All artists are searching for a Muse,
To inspire their love for their work.
So I must love my Muse,
Each and every time.
Even though this to you,
May seem to lessen my love’s light,
This is not true;
For I still hurt and bruise,
After each time they stamp on my heart.

But still I stand here telling you all my weak points.
Do you me believe yet?  I believe in you.
I must go now,
To tell more true words of being blue;
But some poems are as endless as my love for you…
They could be forever continued.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
S Smoothie Apr 2017
Sleep and wakefulness blur
Listeless longings begin to stir
Hearts twist into dire messes
right or wrong?  anyone's guesses
Sickening ache pulls my chest cavity in again
No breath, no relief from this sin and pain
Cant be me
Can't have you,
Can't be free
Can't be you
Kisses and soul hugs on the winds
Casting flesh aside he wins
Only the ****** live free of this shadow
To live this life till the next is hallow
Ill bide my time in this makeshift hell
For a love that only the best story tellers tell
The one that goes on forever
Some can part but no thing can sever
Ours is of the endless stars
Countless opportunites to prove our hearts.
A love never cold
Never old -

Forever young.
AD Jan 2016
The sweetest song to make us smile
Most beautiful angel who is always mine
Mom the purest endless love of all

With Cascade of patience hears and bears us
No other person as mother can so truly love us
The sweetest song to make us smile

Her magical charm makes all things possible for us
Her mommy affection promises she is there for us
Most beautiful angel who is always mine

Her gracious eyes speaks a million dreams of us
Her kind heart rhymes ever with fondness for us
Mom the purest endless love of all
This poem is in the cascade form where each line of the first stanza is used in sequence as the ending line of succeeding Stanzas, line one ending the second, line two the third, line third the fourth…
♥Dedicated to mySweetest 2Moms Sushama & Beena♥
As I sit here listening to these lyrics
I can feel you in my heart
Like the blood flowing through my veins

As I sit here listening to these lyrics
I can see your beauty shining in front of me
Like the glorious rays from the sun

As I sit here listening to these lyrics
I can feel your lips upon mine
Sweeter than the most delectable chocolate in the world

As i sit here listening to these lyrics
I can smell you wonderful scent
Like the fragrance drifting from spring flowers

As I sit here listening to these lyrics
I can hear two hearts beating in perfect rythem
Like the soothing melody of angles singing

As I sit here listening to these lyrics
I dream of you and me being together
A journey of endless love lasting forever and alway
I will all way love you Tigger!!!!
You are my one and only true love!!!
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