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we were planted in each other’s lives
for a reason
and ever since, our hearts
have been beating
I want to grow with you,
no matter the season

we are two seeds, independent
destined to grow into beautiful creatures
we are filled with love and harmony,
two plants growing into a romance,
tasting each other carefully.

you are the sun I need,
and I am the rain that waters your seed.
together we will bloom,
as we wear flowers as our costume.

we are two seeds, planted for each other
happiness is what we seek,
we are destined to love,
destined to suceed.

- gio
your strong shoulders make me feel safe,
I look into your eyes, admire your face
and slowly, I might be falling
for the way you hold me,
and the jokes you make.
I lay on your chest and rest
I listen to your heartbeat,
no time to be stressed.
and slowly, I might be falling
for the nights and our vibe,
it’s hard to describe
and I don‘t know where this is going
but baby, let‘s just keep it flowing.

- gio -
she has these hazel-coloured eyes
with a tip of hope,
it‘s like visiting another universe,
dreaming through a telescope.

she carries mother earth in her iris,
but her element is fire

she stands strong through her roots
and is grounded in nature
oh dear, what a beautiful creature

she feels home
between palm trees and sunsets,
where the skies of the world align,
where they shine
in a warm orange light.
and trust me,
these green-coloured eyes
will set all your worries aside.

- gio
a dancer’s heart
can not be ripped apart

it moves to the sound of a saxophone
a lovely noise of jazzy notes
that warms you like a winter coat

it swings to the melodies
and receives all these remedies

it carries the passion in every step,
moves slowly and feels holy

a dancer’s heart can’t fall apart
it’s filled with peace and joyfulness
it carries love and is sweet like a ****.
a dancer’s heart is a piece of art.

- gio
as I close my eyes I paint a picture.
it is you, again.
my pencils are filled with colour,
a perfect mixture

and it seems,
as if these shades
only exist in my dreams

I draw you, line by line
I play with the thought,
you might wanna be mine

I draw your skin,
you’re smiling eyes,
your chin

I draw the lips I’d like to kiss,
but what is this?

you’re not here,
not even close

and if you read this;
I am painting.
for you, 
I’m still waiting.

- gio
there’s a seed I planted a while ago.
I have watered it every day,
some days more, some days less.

there have been heat waves and thunderstorms,
heavy rains and snow.
and as the seasons change,
the flower has become stronger,
it continues to grow.

and as I look at my roots today,
I realise I‘m no longer just a seed,
here I am, in full bloom, indeed.

- gio
sometimes I wonder why we met
and perhaps I will never find the answer,
I might never get to know.

seems like we’re two dancers
and although we have similarities,
our hearts don’t beat the same melodies.

so I still wonder why we met,
and yet,
there’s only one thing I’m sure of;
you’re hard to forget.

- gio
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