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Aylin Chavez Dec 2020
With you, I had no sight
I was left blind
When you whispered the words
"I love you"

The careless kisses you gave
left a scar on my lips
feeling only pain
when another kissed me

The gentle touch of your hand
left a burn on my face
to only flinch
when another strokes my face

But my love wasn't real
nor was yours
it was just easy to say "I love you"
Aylin Chavez Oct 2020
it was a Saturday night
a night full of fun
but filled with loneliness
and I needed you

that night you were replaced
the hands of another touched me
and the desire for you, disappeared  
i didn't feel alone anymore

it was a Sunday morning
a morning in someone's bed
and with me realizing
i didn't love you anymore
Aylin Chavez Sep 2020
it was those eyes
that reminded me of honey
that brought you warmth
and fill you with love

it'll always be those eyes
that I thought I loved
Aylin Chavez Jan 2020
Beaming within the royal
You hypnotized me
To take me to the rooftop
Where we bore within our fate

The midnight heavens was dense
And you grasped my palm
To perceive my covet  
But no stars lived to radiate  

Bitter wind swirled around, opposing one
You yanked me tighter in
For the world all over me to be paused  
I only wish sorrows were given

With a snap of realism
You let me plummet
To observe how far I’ll tumble
And your royal eyes perished
Aylin Chavez Aug 2019
As I say my hello to you,
I begin to prepare my goodbye.
Every hello ends with a goodbye.

So hello,

I wish our love wasn’t so cruel,
but our love conflicts with one.
Love had a different journey for us.  

I never understood your love,
and you never understood mine.
We confused our love.

I had my flaws and you had yours.
We were imperfect,
even though we worked wonders.

I was once your hello,
then I became your goodbye.
I was another goodbye to you.

Now I’m saying goodbye,
even if you were the first to leave.
So goodbye...
Aylin Chavez Jun 2019
Your eyes revealed the truth
The sole that hid beneath the water
Covered by gravel
Unknown like a treasure

You preserve the truth
Trusting it’ll never be established
For it occupied a jewel
One that expresses so much

When we glanced at one  
Your eyes looked past mine
But you glared at your jewel
For your eyes loved her more
“I dont know”
was my response
when you asked me if
I still love you

the world stopped
for the both of us
as I wondered on the thought
of me, being selfish
or being true
and yours upon the
realization that
maybe, just maybe
my love for you
is fleeting

neither of us was speaking
and the silence echoed
through the depths of my head
and you uttered

that moment, I knew
that you gave up
on me, and my inner

I crumbled upon
the guilt of telling you
those words, so instead
I let my tongue do
the talking and said

cause it was never hard to say

but it is always hard to face

the reality of being responsible
to someone

as if I have to breathe
through somebody’s pair of lungs
and scratch the loneliness
with someone else’s fingers

we parted
I changed numbers

cause I had to stay afloat
on the clouds of solitude
free from attachments.
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