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Exosphere Sep 5
I’m alone on this plain of earnest sentiment
it’s exhausting for most
cozy in front of their screens
their half lived lives
entertained by stories
I live my story in dream time
on the streets and in my head
I search for real magicians
matches to light hidden flames
antigravity warriors slipping between dimensions
my flame is not on this channel
it’s not bundled
it doesn’t float
put in another quarter
you’re so close to an extra life
it doesn’t matter if you miss the bus
it’s almost over
let’s watch my show next
everything will be ok
do you have a light?
Exosphere Sep 5
he feels
he feels so much
when he’s not immersed in Hulu
or some other make believe ****
a few minutes every day
he feels
a lot
Exosphere Sep 4
his touch is tentative but full of want
he pulls me gently to him
I do not resist
I am an autumn leaf teetering on a twig
I am a soft bud opening
petals dripping dew
I am a blazing ember
disintegrated by flame
cleaving in two
sparks spilling free

he leans in to my upturned gaze
kisses me sweetly
my fate is sealed
Exosphere Sep 4
easy to match
impossible to attach
Exosphere Sep 3
the waves are being particularly rambunctious
the ocean is telling a lot of jokes
also I think the sun is a bit drunk
wobbling through the sky
Exosphere Sep 3
if you’re sad
sing a song
a song that feels really good to sing
sing it loud
don’t hurt yourself now
but really sing it out
do it as many times as you need
for me that’s at least 3 times
but usually I keep going to 6 or 7
well then you have to go with it
maybe sing other songs
maybe some jumping around
maybe fold the laundry
it could lead anywhere
Exosphere Sep 3
my heart still hurts
it’s hurt for a long time though
nothing ever changed
so I had to
I deserve love
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