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Exosphere Mar 3
in every complex, nonsensical pattern
there is a logic
that is beautiful and sublime
Exosphere May 2021
I never think
what could’ve been
I never think like that
what is
that’s always been enough for me
Exosphere May 2021
I suspect there’s a huge part of me
you would never have understood
I wouldn’t even have shared it with you
to be honest
it’s just unfortunate
you went stomping through it
like a rhinoceros
in a field of wildflowers
Exosphere May 2021
I wanted to be stolen
like diamonds in a heist
I wanted you to outwit
Exosphere May 2021
Supertramp said it better than I ever could,
Hope you find your paradise.
Exosphere May 2021
don’t hit your head
on a button that’s red
because if you’ve seen the commercials
that’s supposed to be the “easy” button
Exosphere May 2021
whenever I am encountering a tired sigh
I just take a long gentle nap
and wake up refreshed in the lovely day
full of colorful cozy question marks
and yummy snacks
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