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In these moments you were nothing but magic
-- gypsy dancing from suburb to suburb,
-- stripping yourself of your shoes,
-- feeling the earth directly beneath your feet;
Whispering secrets that kiss the soft-singing lips of the wind,
the elements of my earth

and a story I can only try to tell.
Upon My Arrival at Vivians
isabel mayaka Dec 2020
being alone is a funny thing

as i read i
can hear him reciting
bluebird and white-hot agony
boring everyone, even himself

but i’m listening
he makes it easier
to cope with the fact that
i am a Nobody

he wrote it down for me
and for that i am eternally grateful
i want to thank him, buy him a drink
or something

but then i look up
and i remember that he is
a dead man
and, unfortunately,

i am not
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2020
The bluebird ***** a beat
to the ripples of a lone pool
as she wonders why she cares so much
about something that she never

ms reluctance Apr 2020
Blue bird,
every time I set you free
unfailingly, you fly back to me.
Perched out of reach
never out of mind
evermore locked in my gravity.

I know, blue bird,
the quandary of a heart
so willingly ensnared.
I remember the soothing drum
of its unquiet content.

I have longed for the keen
euphoric sting you bring
even as I banished you.
Without you
I am an empty nest.
I am so… heavy
with you.

Only I can let you go.
Only you can return to me.
NaPoWriMo Day 1
Poetry form: Lyric
fleeing from feelings means
the beautiful bluebird in your heart
stops singing
MrJaM Feb 2020
Hey Mr Hank
An artist of highest rank

I felt bad
For my little blue bird

So I let her out
I couldn’t keep her quiet
Oh the times she humbly cried
Every time I ever tried

Her darkness receded
My guilt, for her light, we traded

As she leapt with her wings spread wide
I took a deep breath, turned to her and said

‘Fly through the winds and the bends
Soak in the countless nature’s trends
Sing till your throat feels dry
Test yourself how far can you fly’

‘There is not a cloud you can’t reach
All the silver linings they preach
of the failures and what they teach
That one more time, we all must try
Test yourself how far can you really fly’

‘It is not a victory waiting to be secured
and boast and claim all the miles you conquered
It is to challenge yourself all the way
to embrace the freedom everyday
And remember when I say
Test yourself how far can you fly
How far can you really fly away’
A response to Mr. Charles Bukowski's bluebird poem
Klaus Jan 2020
My heart hums melodies of distant birds...

Over yonder, below the big blue
A cardinal croons
A redbird misses you

Over yonder, below the big blue
A yellow bird cries
Warbling “woe is you”

Two birds dance
and skip, and trade in verse
While softly wishing, on the same wire they’d be perched

A dance to court,
Hopeful heartfelt flying nigh

But it’s a bluebird’s kiss
Whose cadence I wish were mine
This is literally about being jealous of a bird. Afterwards I realized it has a  resemblance to that old children’s song “buckeye Jim”  but was not intentional
Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
if you sit upright
type well
stare at a screen
wear the right clothes
they'll call you a fashion plate
the old men
you'll get a good job
hell, maybe they will marry you

not me
I slouch
stare out the window
make up stories about the bluebird

At my review they tell me I can do much better

why does that matter when my heart is breaking into a million pieces?

there is the bluebird again

when will he leave me to my work?
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
I am in the garden
and the trees are singing
and the sun is singing
love song

I am in the garden
and bluebirds
and bluebirds
write in water

I am in the garden
and clouds
and clouds
float in flowers

Meg May 2018
i’ve been sewing love into daisy chains
and i’m willing you to pull off each petal
ask them
and they will spell




in your palm
its a love letter written in botany
this is how i love you in spring
the same way the sun sends rays of gold
hurtling to the earth
to me
this is how i love you in spring
the same way the ocean hosts voyagers
you hold me
this is how i love you in spring
with each intake of air
with each new blossom, the bluebird that lives in my chest grows
and its funny
i never saw the beauty in the world
not like this
i never saw the earth glow
with such intensity
heard it hum
until i was able to watch flowers bloom
in the reflection cast in your eyes
that is a beauty i will never fully articulate
this is how i love you in spring
so i am very much in love, with the most incredible woman. poetry will never fully express how deep she runs within me, but theres never any harm in trying, right?
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