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Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
I am in the garden
and the trees are singing
and the sun is singing
love song

I am in the garden
and bluebirds
and bluebirds
write in water

I am in the garden
and clouds
and clouds
float in flowers

Meg May 2018
i’ve been sewing love into daisy chains
and i’m willing you to pull off each petal
ask them
and they will spell




in your palm
its a love letter written in botany
this is how i love you in spring
the same way the sun sends rays of gold
hurtling to the earth
to me
this is how i love you in spring
the same way the ocean hosts voyagers
you hold me
this is how i love you in spring
with each intake of air
with each new blossom, the bluebird that lives in my chest grows
and its funny
i never saw the beauty in the world
not like this
i never saw the earth glow
with such intensity
heard it hum
until i was able to watch flowers bloom
in the reflection cast in your eyes
that is a beauty i will never fully articulate
this is how i love you in spring
so i am very much in love, with the most incredible woman. poetry will never fully express how deep she runs within me, but theres never any harm in trying, right?
Alyssa Feb 2018
Bluebird flits across the
Cerulean sky, always
Doomed to land to
Eat her precious
Goodbye, says the
Hungry bird to the
Insect it is about to eat.
Just a little bit longer til' you see the
Knight of death.
Lies, says the bug. No
Mouth shall stop my little heart. I say
No to the Knight,
Only a
Person could
Quell my
Remaining fear of her.
So, what shall you do, Bird of
The blue feather?
Unabashed, the bluebird
Vacated the nearby
Woods, only for the
Xylophagous insect to
Yelp out its displeasure at the bluebird
Zigzagging away from him.
Julia Nov 2017
I sing sweet, but
I’m broke as a little bird
fell from the nest
while mom was at work
and caught by a cat
who left me to die
frying on the sidewalk
with twitches and tweets
stay strong mis hermanas ✊
Liz Carlson Nov 2017
bluebird sings in the morning,
wakes me with his voice.
he left with no such warning,
not a word, no noise.

pretty bluebird, come back.
i miss your beautiful sound.
i'm waiting for your attack.
someday you will be found.
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