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Aisha 5d
I just want to go to sleep
and make it all go away
I stopped dreaming 5 years ago anyways
I don’t know what else to do
but when I wake up—
I’ll fix myself
temporary bliss from eternal pain
Aisha Jan 4
Isn't it beautiful
I breathe in all those gasses but
my body chooses you
Inhales you
Absorbs you
Allows you to caress my lungs
Fill my blood
Give me energy
give me life
I open my arms on a sunny day and
you swath me in your gentle breeze
I gasp for you
Yearn for you
I need you
Even when I'm not aware, you're
always there

So why is it when I'm drowning
When I need you most
I gasp
I yearn
I scream
I beg
I cry
you never come
I suddenly lose my breath
and suffocate in your absence
I wrote this in my sleep
  Jan 4 Aisha
your eyes look like sunset today
don't close them just yet
Aisha Jan 4
Now that you’re here
I’m sorry
I can sleep a little better
My heart a little lighter
My head a little clearer

Now that you’re gone
Thank you
For having me in your life
For accepting who I was
I won’t ever let you down again.
Aisha Dec 2020
This can’t be a normal feeling
I’m struggling to love myself so how on earth could I love someone else

How can I receive what I cannot give, and how can I give what I cannot receive.

I feel like I didn’t try hard enough

I just can figure out how to be the person I want to be and the person that I am

I’m so frustrated—because the opportunity is right there but every cell in my brain screams in opposition

Save me from myself
before I do
Head empty: just thoughts
Aisha Nov 2020
I’ve always chased

so why do I run

when you chase me back
just something to ponder
Aisha Jun 2020
I hope you didn’t cry.
I’m not worth your tears,
let me cry myself to sleep—and forget this ever happened.
I couldn’t live up to your expectations, this is who I am.
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