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Jeremy Betts Mar 10
I should probably introduce myself
My name is Anyone Else
It'd be more than obvious to state I'm a mess
Even though I do try my best
Well, maybe not every time
But I toe the line
I'm not sure it's the right one
Can't know that 'till my times done
Attempted some revision to the predestined
Tried to storyboard my own end
Frankly, I couldn't manage
My baggages baggage had to much baggage
Overwhelmed seamlessly flipped to defeated
A weak will finally and now fully depleted
Note beforehand, this is beyond making a statement
My name is actually, probably, most likely, irrelevant
Knowing me will only be watching me come and go
That's best case scenario

robin tarox Dec 2021
Broken bones and shivering souls,
Harshly uprooted from the ground...

Counting scars and all the holes,
Happiness nowhere to be found...

Hard and thick are all the walls,
Shielding love from all around...

Away from the heart it tries to crawl,
Yet your memories are kept, safe and sound...
hungry for the tons of resources
that lay beneath the
hungry for them and looking
to find what else can be

the hunger is never ending
we're consuming more and more
the hunger doesn't abate
as if there's a colossus galore

the world's population
exhausting the
the world's population
eating every crumb of

yet the day will arrive
when our precious resources
aren't readily at hand
they'll be depleted in supply
running down to a level  
that won't service demand

too hungry the population
too hungry the  population
NitaAnn Feb 2015
am  lost
Life is more than
I can currently handle
Nobody understands
the inner workings
of my mind

I am such a walking mess, do not know what to think, where to turn who can I trust, who should I trust, who is real, am I even real, how to make this all stop spinning and just make sense. You say you understand and I believe that you really do want to understand but  you do no get how my mind processes thoughts, emotions, frustrations..

I have struggled for too long, I do not know another way, I try to learn, to follow your examples, to try it your way but  my mind cannot get it.

I have tried and now I am body, mind, and soul depleted.
Call Me Satan Oct 2014
Who are you
to toy with her heart
play with her innocence
tear her apart?

Who are you
to place a kiss
slowly and lovingly
upon her lips?

Who are you
to destroy her after?
You've had your fun
you're filled with laughter.

Who are you
to make her fall in love
promise her the world
let her fly like a dove?

But this dove
doesn't fly anymore.
You destroyed her heart
left her aching and sore.

Now this girl
whose heart you defeated
she doesn't understand
she feels alone and depleted.

To all the girls,
you're not a toy.
You're worth so much more,
than some stupid boy.

— The End —