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Julia Mae May 2017
i taught you
that it is okay to treat me badly
because i always
accepted and accepted it
hoping it wouldn't happen again
but that was just showing you
that you can do it
again and again
until there was nothing left of me
and i hated
for teaching you to treat me
like i was nothing
fustypetals May 2017
I miss you
all this day
but I can't show it
by just telling you from a latenight text
or by just saying it in front of you
or doing something for you
because you will not read it, aren't you?
you will not hear it, aren't you?
and you will not assume it, aren't you?

because basically,
you really don't care about my feelings anymore.

Sandoval Apr 2017
Have you ever missed someone so badly,

you start having conversations with them in your

head?  -- She asked him.

But the utter silence he left couldn't respond.

Äŧül Nov 2016
She was so beautiful,
Yes, she was gorgeous.
But then she was young,
Yes, when she was young.
She was really very strong,
Yes, she was really stronger.
But so sad, all is in past tense,
She turns so badly treacherous.
Kissed me in the dark secretly,
Such a fickle hearted beauty.
HP Poem #1237
©Atul Kaushal
George Andres Jul 2016
There was a prisoner inside a cage
Shouting loudly
Smashing the grills furiously
Revolting for freedom

Freedom not acquired by all
But the privileged
And those who are rich
In fame, money and beauty

Set by the society's rules
Majority decisions in their favor
While those who does not reach the standard
Crumble in loneliness alone

Lest someone had heard their pleads
Listened and calmed the heart down
Those period of depression and sadness
And walls of isolation are broken down
With just a simple touch
I miss my first love. So much.
Maryrose Alarcos Nov 2015
What time is it?
What is the date today?
Days just seem to pass by
Life has always been this boring
Unless I feel you burning presence

It has been two weeks
Two painfully lifeless weeks
Since I've last encountered
Your glorious existence
So can I please see you?
Even for a minute?
I just miss you terribly.
CJ lebron Sep 2015
I know you see me hurting
Wanting you so badly
I want to be what you need
I wish I wasn't the only one
Who felt this way
I wish I wasn't the only one in love
CJ lebron Aug 2015
Can't you see when I look at you
How badly I want you
Can't you see when I look at you
How much I care about you
Can't you see when I look at you
That I don't ever want to leave your side
Can't you see when I look at you
You are all I think about
Can't you see when I look at you
How perfect I think you are

Can't you see I Love You
CJ lebron Aug 2015
The way you feel
The way you taste
The way you are
I want more of it
Even with a sore
On your beautiful lips
I want more of you
I didn't want to stop because
I knew hat would be the last time
I would feel your amazing lips on mine
I had to savor that feeling
That moment when our lips are together.
I told you I would stop
In fact I might have promised it
But just know that every time I lay my eyes on you
I want to kiss you so very, very badly
And I wouldn't mind kissing you for the last time... again
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