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EmVidar Jan 7
between my thighs
****** out of our minds
we made promises
our kisses
made lies
max Nov 2020
he broke me more times than i can count,
more times than i'd like to say,
but i still blame myself

i thought it was all my fault,
that i was a bad boyfriend,
that i was the reason everything went wrong.
i was wrong

i think about him a lot.
i think about the scars he's left,
the few good memories there were of us,
that i loved him unconditionally,
his hugs, his touch, his lips, his hair
and the worst part is,
i miss it.
yeah <3
Cas Jun 2020
when he scares you
never expect an apology

after all, he didn't mean it
you're the one who's fragile
Pyrrha Dec 2018
If it wasn't for you showing me what a bad relationship was,
I wouldn't know what a good should be like
If you hadn't taught me how weak I was,
I never would have gained such strength
If you had held me like you were meant to,
I never would have found my way back to me

Thank you in the end, for showing me all that love wasn't meant to be
Braedon Aug 2018
You’ve broken a good girl
Her heart no longer bright
Cries herself to sleep almost every night
I’m the person whose sitting there holding her tight
Before someone sparks the ignite.
Cause I only know that as right
So just sleep tight
My little angel
I’m sorry I can’t be there to hold you
Just know we make it through
Whether rain or blue.
Stronger than yesterday’s lows.
I just wrote this as a lift up for a friend, who was in a crap relationship with a ****, and didn't treat her right. Any comments or recommendations are appreciated.
Savannah Dec 2017
I send a smile into the world and it's all for you

I laugh at a joke until I cry and it's all for you

I kiss those soft delicious lips and it's all for you

I make a fool of myself to see a grin and it's all for you

I take off my clothes and let go of my dignity and it's all for you

I let this fire burn me to ash and it's all for you

I jump off this cliff and break my neck and it's all for you

I feel frozen inside like winter and it's all for you

I turn into the monster underneath children's beds and it's all for you

I become the same nightmare that keeps me awake at night and it's all for you

I rip off my skin and bleed out what's left of who I was and it's all for you

Now you're gone

I don't know who I am anymore and it was all for you
This is reminiscent of a past relationship that made me toxic.
Sydni Maren Nov 2017
I remember the way the ice looked on the street that night.

The dullness of poorly lit lights paired with too much Seagrams 7 made it shine just enough to mesmerize sunken eyes.

Just enough to convince you to stay.
Just enough it convinced me to stay.
Again, In the home I couldn't seem to escape.
Didn’t want to escape.

Back inside, dodging objects to stay alive.
Different sizes, different aims.
It was not just a game.

The monster I somehow loved,
dragging me away from all that is and was real.  
I thought he was real.

The same monster who didn't love me,
slipping away,
in that cold house,
on that icy street.

To be in love and to be loved are far from the same,
like you and me.  

Get away,
Before the ice is really the one to blame.
B Nov 2017
There are days when I want to give up
I want to leave so I don't have to deal with you
I want to cry

But I don't think you deserve to win
You don't deserve my tears
You don't get to become 'famous' on my account

You deserve friends who are as ****** as you
You deserve to be brought up under a fake name
You deserve everything that's coming to you

Cause Karma's a *****
Sydney Wilson Oct 2017
he might tell you
draping over
your insecurities
his love is a gift
you don’t deserve
be grateful
he will own you
because owning
is better than
he’ll put pennies
in your pockets
to remind you
that you’re worthless
your arms only matter
when they’re wrapped
around his waist
at least they look
slimmer that way
you are his coatrack
where he’ll hang his
don’t snap
when he gets
too heavy
don’t breath
when he needs
your air
don’t exist
when he wants
some space
in the confines
of when it is
unless he asks you to
How can one be so spiteful
Do I fill you with regret
Do you really miss the fighting
Or just how I let you share my bed

Nobody knows the poison
Of a deadly widow’s bite
How they **** out all of your energy
And leave you with a blight

You bullied me into forever
Used me like a tool
Took me without consequence
And treated me a fool

Lied to my companions
Spouting an accusatory tone
Told them I was straying
Because I no longer was a drone

You don’t want a love that’s true
You thrive on self infliction
You keep stirring up my life
Because you like the friction

I’m not sorry that I broke them
The promises I made
When one as pitiful as you
Tried to make me afraid

You don’t control me anymore
Yet you still won’t leave me alone
How don’t you get that I’m better now
That I’m not pretending you’re my home
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