fustypetals Oct 2018
the day they left me
they think that I was the one
who's getting away

then I got no friends to talk
to share
to walk around

I hate my life in that days
feel so alone and lonely
sometimes I can't even feel that I'm alive

but after times passes
I build my confidence
think I don't really need them

why don't I make the new one?
start from saying "hi let's be friend"
now I got all the loves that I need

these power of new friends
makes me feel alive
and now;

I forgot how it feels to be lonely

thank you for all of my friends who always be there for me<3
fustypetals Jun 2018
when you already got her,
don't you ever find another "her".
one is enough.
fustypetals Feb 2018
ku tau ini tak mudah,
kau yg membuat ini sulit
seperti benang yg terlilit

tak ada alasan,
namun kau datang
tak ada penjelasan,
namun kemudian kau pergi

apa harus ku biarkan saja?
ah tidak!
sudah muak rasanya
begini saja terus rasa hatiku

seperti benang,
yang jika dipaksakan untuk ditarik,
akan mati

jika keinginanmu adalah pergi, maka pergilah;
jangan lagi kembali padaku, karena mungkin aku sudah menutup pintu hatiku ini untukmu.
fustypetals Jan 2018
i dont know
why your name is still
the prettiest thing to write about.

fustypetals Jan 2018
do you ever think about
how funny we finally got used to it?
you with her,
me with myself​,
and us,
with a high thick wall between us.

but if you asked me
am i ok? probably (not).
fustypetals Oct 2017
what I'm scared the most is—
to fall in love with a new stranger
that I don't know who he really is.

i guess, i still into u
fustypetals Sep 2017
this is not goodbye
this is not goodbye
this is not goodbye
this is not goodbye

i dont want it to end, so please please please just stay.
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