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fustypetals Dec 2023
fingers entwined,
i wrap your arm with mine,
you wrap me with your warmth

stare at each other's eyes,
i fell into how beautiful yours is,
it shines as it tells me—
how do you feel about me
p.s i loved you from the start
fustypetals Jan 2023
the more i grow up,
the more i realize that
i hate my surroundings,
i hate being around them

the hatred grows,
within me—
the serenity planted,
within me—

being exiled,
i'm used to it
but not with loneliness—
not when everybody is around
fustypetals Aug 2022
the tippy toes dancing
the whole heart feeling
the wide smile faces
the desire to dance every seconds
the happy humming wherever i go

oh, to be falling in love
i miss having these feelings, but i'm scared to fall in love again.
fustypetals Jan 2022
words are stuck
in my throat—
and comes out
as tears.
somehow it's hard to express feelings, but you need to let them out. so, I guess—it's okay to cry it out.
fustypetals Jan 2022
but last night—
after two years,
you smiled to me,
waved your hands,
and we both laughed
to each other's stories

the light turns darker—

you took my hand,
slowly lifted it up
right above my head,
make movements
as if you wanted me to spin
as if we were dancing—

and we danced all night,
somewhere only in my dreams.
oh, if only I could control it so I could hold it longer and do the other things I wanna do with you.
fustypetals Sep 2021
swollen eyes
keeps shedding tears
flowing down the cheeks
holding back feelings

swollen throat
unspoken words
feel so suffocated
yet, we pretend to be unbothered
fustypetals Apr 2021
I love,
and I still love;
it's never been a right time
as we think
we both not meant to be

I wait,
and i'm still waiting;
as I thought
there might be a hope
for both of us

I stay,
and I still stay;
wherever and how far you'll go
when you came back,
you'll see where I stand
we both know there's still few sparks between us, didn't we? but we just don't wanna show it to each other.
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