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Xyns Jun 2018
Grown enough for nicotine
Adult enough to be a feen

Yet too young for THC
Or to pour myself a drink?

Mature enough for a felony
The system to take life from me

Still youth is used against me
Seems it doesn’t matter what I think..
Sam Downey Apr 2018
You choose your friends
Those people who torture you
Those who have destroyed you
The same people who have given you such strife
Over me
Time and time again.
I find myself wondering,
Do those who ruin you, still mean more to you?
You make your answers very clear.
I am unable to accept, but they are obvious.
The answer is yes.
You search for their approval,
With no regard for the people who truly care for you
You abandon us who love you.
For those who hurt you.
My heart cannot handle this.
What do I do with this information?
SD 3/19/18
Oh~ how it hurts
To in-mind and absorb
My birthed place
No future I see's

A long years wait
It cuts and bleed me
Denied by unreasonable cause
How painful my present be

He waltz with pride
Dances in the eyes of many
Yet, the state is indebtedness
Into thy mother house

So, when our days uncertain
And our young generation is at stake
Let us swarmed ~ be  bold together
For this noble cause & future sake.
written in past, present, and future

note: sorry for some mistake... now it was finished....

— The End —