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What can I promise
The rain out of the window
Or the cloud in the sky

What can I promise
The beauty of a flower
Or the firework at night

They all come and go
Leave my dream alone
All I can promise is
God's eternal love
For what I have felt
The serenity and joy
Unlike others
He comes and never say bye
Elaine Yu Jun 30
In the summer evening
Crowds recede
Tides rise
A crescent moon hangs on a branch

A pair of mandarin ducks
Take off from the ground at the same time
One after the other
Flying towards the lake at dusk
Rippling the calm lake

Swans slide towards the center of the lake
Dancing in a beautiful waltz
Willow beats with the rhythm
Breezes send the scent of flowers

The night opens the curtain
with all little stars shining upon
Cheer for all holy livings
The calm lake lets the elves rise and fall
Elaine Yu Jun 22
Pure blue ocean
Always fascinating

On the peaceful sea surface
Who raised the sail
Riding the wind and waves
And who is wandering on the beach

On the golden beach
Who picked up a drift bottle
Discovering a hidden secret across the sea
And who turned a blind eye
letting the wind blows away all those footprints

On the shore at dusk
A child builds his own sandcastle
Even if it is short-lived
At least had his own fairy tale
Who passed by the castle
Stepping over
Without noticing a moment of sadness in the child's eyes

Pure blue ocean
Please take away all the blue
Buried in deep seabed
Listen to Ocean Blue
Elaine Yu Jun 18
Peace is now
After a long day
by myself alone
Need nothing
Care about nothing

Only thoughts
Flow with the finger
Only breeze
Flow through the hair
Only leaves
whisper of their opinion

Only now
I lay down everything
Pray for peace
Listen to “Peace is now”
Elaine Yu Jun 15
The grass remembers spring
the touch of warm wind and gentle rain

The sky remembers spring
the colour of crystal blue without gloom

The earth remembers spring
the seeds breaking out with all their strength

The tree remembers spring
the tender shoots moisturizing the yellow branches

The forest remembers spring
the dancing creek, and the singing bird

I remember spring
the world waiting with sacrifice and hope
Listen to "i remember spring"
Elaine Yu Jun 12
I never really lost her or him
They are all in my memory
Collected like shining stars so I can count at night sky

My dear grandpas and grandmas
Come to visit me in my dream time by time
My dear parents
Waiting for me on the other side of ocean
My dear friends
Bother me sometimes like the day we met
My beloved ones
Surround me like sun and star

If one day I lost them
It must be the day I lost myself in my memory.
Like the rainy days
I can no longer see the sky
It must be the end of the world
But not today or someday
Listen to “the day I lost her”
Elaine Yu Jun 11
Rays of love
Piercing the dark sky of the universe
Direct to earth

Rays of love
Extending all the way
Cross eath
From north pole to south pole
Illuminates all skin tones
Illuminate all life
Make the gloom disappear

Rays of love
Breakthrough the day and night cycle
Four seasons replacement
Let the darkness of night and winter hide nowhere
Let the dawn and sunrise are always with you

Rays of love
Never end
Listen to "Rays of love" by Mehdi
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