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For the person
Like us
We yearn to understand
Every Colors
Various Shapes
Transient Moods
Amusing Lies
Even a slight change in expression
And every other details

But it's that vibe
Where we truly reside
That drives us

To portray you
SøułSurvivør Jun 2015

was it
just my imagination
that turned
the moon


i'm looking at
the full aspect
but see
a new


i used to think that
the man in the moon
was God looking
down on us

but now He has


(c) 6/3/2015

I'm not kidding!
What happened to the MOON???

There used to be a face in it
but now it looks different!

Go look at it!  Has our earth shifted so that now we see a new aspect?
Or do I just need GLASSES?

S A Sadeq Apr 2015
It is done for the green because of the green that flows in my veins
It is for the one who is fifteen and chose my love to abstain

It is done for the love affair and the feeling of the power trip
It is done for my inability to care and my constant need to sip

It is done because god talked to me and I am the chosen one
It is done because I am nobody and am considered equal to none

It is done because my plans are already ****** and rather vindictive
It is done not by me but by a ****** twisted yet slick miss-give

It is done because its a rare rush for me to eradicate a billion
It is done for it is his pathetic life I want to obliterate to oblivion

It is a mixture of anger and pleasure pushing something into limbo
To end every beginning including this rhyme destruction
Destruction; an aspect of death
these poems are involve in the story of my in-progress novel "REM"
S A Sadeq Apr 2015
I fear the dimensions of the vast eternity
I fear the people and their eternal vanity

I fear grey skies and mothers that gloom
I fear happiness and its inevitable doom

I fear the big blue and how things turn red
I fear the living more than I fear the dead

I fear the shapes that are made by clouds
I fear that the screams get too loud

I fear leaves and how they turn brown
I fear the prince when he first puts on his crown

I fear the fear and how the fear feeds on more fear
I fear the fear and how am I no longer ...
Fear, an aspect of death
More aspects will follow
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2014
Bounders drawing lines,
Last days lowered like a boom—
Chalk of rising moon.

— The End —