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Svode Jan 2018
A force desired by many, acquired by some.
A drug so powerful it makes a mind numb.
A lack of it makes a man sore,
A myriad of it makes a man seek more.
Svode Oct 2017
The rain falls from the sky.
The endless sky pelts the cityscape with endless rain.

The rain feels soft to the touch,
a light breeze overtakes me soon after.
It's raining more now, although it isn't heavier.
The light breeze makes me think.
It soothes my nerves.

Look at the rain.
It never had any problems,
finding a job, finding friends,
finding love.

It's purpose is to fall
and get evaportated.
It's friends are beside it
and never leave.
It's love ls likely close by,
atleast I hope it is.

I don't want this innocent drop,
this cold peice in a myriad of rain,
to feel the harsh truth of reality.
And I don't want myself,
a shivering person in a myriad of rain,
to feel chilly any longer.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
What am I?
A mere butterfly in the summer fly of your

Why am I
coloured by the summer sky of your
Here I am to face
the nurture and the chase
of a diamond dragon's pace.
The searcher and my crystal

Where am I?
I'm gliding by the land to overhead.
By the starry riverbed, and time goes ahead,
as I taste the words
I never said...
I see flower heads of lover's lies
that suffer by the frontal eye
of azure skies, who's flustered by
the boats ahead.

Who rode ahead the ocean bed
of love and lust.

My flesh is a myriad of coloured dyes.
And when I wonder
I am discovered by...
And pain.

I must be going insane...
I just let the words flow. No image or concept in mind... Today has been a strange day as it is.
softcomponent Jun 2017
zero in on that second when gravity
takes a small dive into the contrast
that is nothing.
you are left comparing what your
senses still reveal to the soft blanketed
blankness of no-thing at all.

an absence only apparent because
it has been

the numbered becomes numberless
when there's nothing
Dreams of Sepia Sep 2015
It's only a broken mirror
that shows a perfect reflection

— The End —