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Jules 2d
Exclusively with one's self
Is how life's led to calamity
It's uncommon to shout in a crisis
Who's left to clean up the messes?
The feeling of alone
Is so cold
The feeling of alone
Changed my soul
The feeling of alone
Can I go home?
Jules 2d
What a **** up
You're all alone
On the floor
What's the water works for?
That's right
You dramatized a simple interaction
What a break down
What a nice town
What a **** up
Jules 2d
To feel so incredibly alone
Doesn't mean being completely isolated from the outside world
Crowded by people
Surrounded by noise
Carried small conversation
No point
day to day
That's what alone is
So bring me to life
Isolate me
Show me how to live again
She left me no where else to go, I found her body in the cold. The feet were bound, her hands were tied, I thought for sure this child died.

I released her gently from her pain, I picked her up and carried her away. I brought her to my Father, who with a steady hand, motioned I place her back upon the land.

I shook my head, for I didn't understand. This child has died, is this not the plan?

From behind me shook a teetering flutter
For in the room there was another

Identical to the one in my arms
But without cuts, blood, and scars.

She smiled at me, as if not to alarm.
And turned to my Father, who stuck out his hand.

She took it in stride, like light fading away.
Into the night sky I saw her soul slip away.

The body in my hands, stupid-alive.
It wreathed and screamed out,
As if not knowing why.

Father finally saying,
"She cannot die."
The hint of Newport’s wafted off of your sweater,
The small glow of the radio illuminated your soft face,
The way your eyes held mine in a longing glance.
Your lips were parted slightly,
Small short breaths were shared between us,
Faces inches apart.
I could smell the soft scent of you on your mouth,
Hands brushing against each other in need of intertwining our fingers.
We could close the distance,
Feel the way our lips connected and danced with slow anticipation,
Tasting each other’s need.
Hair pulled,
The aggressive want to touch you,
To be closer to you,
To feel you, feel me.
“Don’t catch feelings,”
You said to me.
“I won’t, I promise.”
I lied.
I’ve gotten attached to your smell,
Your taste,
Your being.
Your soul calls out to mine but you’re afraid to bring me close,
I know.
Please let me in.
Our last night car rides are my favorite memories I have between us.
I whisper to the darkness
But not even the gods can hear
I keep talking regardless
Because it is still better than the fear.

My sheets are my only protection
From the torture that you lay bare.
My pain was clearly your addiction
But all I ever did was stare
At the bruises, at the scars
At the coldness that is ours.
At the boxes of cigars
That you smoked until you saw stars.

I should have done more but we all know the price
Of going against those who control our lives
You made everything torture, so refined and precise,
And yet ‘get back here’ is still your advice.

I whisper to the darkness all day and all night
Simply because it is the only thing saving me from your deadly plight.
It comes uninvited
I don’t have to be alone to feel it
In fact I’m surrounded by people right now and It’s there
You see these people are people
Not connected to me
And I do have friends
But I don’t feel gotten
I have my front to fit in
A side they like so I keep it there
But I’m not me
They don’t see me
For if they did then I’d truly be alone
— loneliness
you disappear again
and in the darkness i realise,
i don't know how
to let go of you
without losing myself completely.
- i hope i stop aching each time i write about you.
Sydney 4d
I wait
I sit and wait
Nothing comes
Nothing goes
Empty and alone
I still wait
I still sit and wait
Still nothing
Still nothing comes
Still nothing goes
Still empty and alone
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