savvy 1d
Would you notice my absence?
Would you feel my pain?
Would you cry at night?
Would you go back to that sight
of the tears on my face?

Could you remember me?
Could you forgive me?
Could you mourn for me?
Could you go back with glee
and cherish the times we had?

Should you feel remorse?
Should you have guilt?
Should you appear alone?
Should you have known
the outcome of our relationship?

I'm sorry...but are you?
Don't take for granted the people in your life who you often ignore
There is
              a little bird
                                 that sings
              until a storm
              when danger is near
                                                  it screams a warning call
               I lost the little bird.
i never know when
              the storm is coming
I don't know why i wrote this, but i just thought of the little yellow bird with the beautiful voice
If I lay still enough
here in this pitch black vacuum
they call my room.
If I lay still enough
will I disappear?
Fade into the background
mist into memory.

The dark is not that bad
If you imagine it a sun
evaporate that you can't contain
The dark is soothing
If you think of it as medicine
as solace.
A pocket of space
where nothing exists
And you with it

I can lay here, calm
Not afraid of monsters lurking
The only real monsters live inside
They speak too loud.
The darkness crushes all
And I let it

In my pitch black room
I don't exist
And no one can say goodbye
Sometimes you just want to disappear.
Kiui 1d
it was at the age of twenty one
where I learnt that people change

it was at the age of twenty one
where I bid goodbye to my youth

it was at the age of twenty one
where I realize that my BFFs are acting strange

it was at the age of twenty one
where I learnt the truth

that this year
I'm celebrating my birthday alone
Sitting in uncomfortable silence
No longer husband and wife
From this day forward
Both starting a new life

Thinking on past memories
Brings me to tears
We have so many good ones
Over the years

The warmth and safety I feel
Makes me want to stay
When I see the hurt in your eyes
I have to look away

I love you so fucking much
But I can’t hurt anymore
I wish we could turn back time
To the way things were before

I will miss you
But it’s better this way
My heart is aching
But I know I cannot stay

You say I’m being selfish
And maybe it’s true
I keep trying to make it work
But I cannot forgive you

Our life together
Is ending here today
Going our separate ways
With nothing left to say

You lay in a separate room
We’re both crying and alone
Nothing left but memories
Of our family and our home
This one was really hard for me to write.
Give me one good reason, any at all
Why killing the silence will work this time
Then I will give this world one more chance
To not hurt me when there is no silence to safeguard
I will kill the silence, just give me one good reason to try
Every time I let someone in they cut even deeper than the time before
But if you give me a reason to kill off the sacred safety of the silence I will try
I will try to trust, to have hope, to let go of all the hurt from the past, to move on
I just need one good reason why I shouldn’t remain tucked in the embrace of silence
And I will venture back out into the world with arms wide open and the door to my heart unlocked
Give me a reason to kill the silence.
I just met you,
And we clicked instantly.
We've had our conversation, our silence
And we've also had our struggles,
Happiest moments.

We talked for a long time
Trying to know each other,
Yet not as deep as the blue
-ish Pacific ocean.

We only had the view of the
Waves of under our own sun,
But all the undiscovered corals
Remain hidden in their own bed,
Teal reflection of the

At night,
Resting hour.
We sleep under the same stars
Knowing that at least one of us has a clear view of the satellites
Breathless in space.
Various constellations can be determined.
Even a clear outline of the crescent moon,
Without storm clouds interfering our own worlds.

I don't know if
You're more than just a friend
Or in a completely different category as a partner in the long run.

You don't share your thoughts
Like I'm starting a conversation with myself

I'm all for
Saying the first word
Heading to the second stage,
Yet I value my friendships
As another has their heart
Ready for yours.

I'm not a fighter.
I don't want to waste my efforts if I lose.
I might drag myself down
Deeper than Lucifer's hell
Deeper than the core of the Earth
While try to climb the highest mountain


I want
I need
A balanced effort
From my sole partner
If they want me
To love them like I did

Since day 1.
Alisha 2d
At every knock there is silence that follows, at every scream of Pain, a silence follows. Isolated and alone, there's no substance to be heared, except the heavy breathing of your being, scared and alone.
My body or mind is giving me no rest.
Something is wrong and I can't fix it.
I lay in my bed staring at the beautiful blue sky.
My chest burns with the tears I cannot seem to cry,
my hands still tremble from all the things I had to stop myself from doing simply because other people won't accept the love I have for them.
So I kill any butterfly that's still flying inside my stomach,
and I swear myself to never trust again.

Thankfully I love to love.
For now.
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