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Minyeon Nov 10
Needle of fat,e so dull yet so sharp. Fluid with guide— unknown in the dark. Like the wind, it fades into silence.
Minyeon Nov 5
Let 'em look for a brighter one
As you prepare yourself to be one
that will light the way
to someones darkess day anyway
You won't notice until
they told you about
why you're the brightest star they've seen
Minyeon Nov 5
Do you remember feeling free? As we soar the blue skies. But it also made us feel blue knowing there are things we cannot achieve. Only this I ask of you, Be the one of your dreams.
Minyeon Oct 28
Fill thee land of sorrow
One full of Smiles
Like there's no Tomorrow
That will reach for miles

Make the world whole
I know it will cost a lot of toll
Harsh it would be
Stay strong until fall
Minyeon Oct 28
I heard your cries
As I saw those scars
Many things can't be undone
But still, why are we numb?
How deep does it go
The dull blades in your pockets
Will we see how colors flow?
Just don't forget to lock it
Your heart I meant
Minyeon Oct 16
The sun has already set as my mind gone blank. Smile as pain subsides.
What else can a soul wish for, their shackles to crumble by pieces.
Minyeon Oct 16
You muttered the words "I loved you" but somehow it felt empty. My heart already shattered to pieces, and yet you can still ask why?
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