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It pains to see how one falls apart but it is more painful to learn that you are the reason why it happened.
I want to see your eyes
in my smile always
but you make me draw
your happiness
with my tears!

Sweetie, I dream of you
every day and night
but I have no right
to love you yet;
Like I'm sunk in fears!

Do you remember me?
I still think of you
and my soul flies
to you with love
through the endless airs.

Could you answer me,
I request you, please!
Will you ever back
to my paradise?
Or you don't care?
God has blessed us with many reasons to be grateful.
During our darkest moments in life,
God will shine His light upon us
He can use a lot of people to be His instruments of love and light.

We may be experiencing bad times
Unexpectedly some may have lost their jobs
A lot may have closed their businesses due to pandemic
Many have lost their loved ones.

Some are badly sick and fighting for their lives;
Others may have given up
That at some point may have even questioned God
For the not so good situations happening.

Do not lose that light
Because God has always been the light in our darkest moments
He has been there in case you haven't noticed.
Just open your heart and You will see and experience that light.

Just like what He said in 1John 1:5
"This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him, there is no darkness at all."
Thank you dear Lord for shining your Light in our lives.

Bless all those who have been our source of light and strength.
Bless them with your light that they may find and experience it in their lifetime. Amen.
Inspired by the full Wolf Moon which shown itself to the world last January 29, 2021

Was able to take a picture of mesmerizing. I am sharing a photo on my cover photo. Full Moon Wolf is the first full moon of the year (2021).
Sit and take a rest.
Affirm yourself with positivity;
Take time to listen to yourself too.
Unfold that feeling inside of you;
Relate your inner spirit thru God's words.
Dig deeper from within;
Ask for Divine Providence for the incoming plans;
Yes to God's will and all will be well.
"Looking at you seeing God's precious gift worth keeping."
"Embrace your flaws."
"Calm yourself.
Anger can make
it worse."
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