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Nelize Mar 2018
Mother turns cold as the light rotates
Revealing a dome of shining eyes
Moon crescent glisten, as I listen
Nachtmusic now turned on:
Crickets' overture
City car whispers on highway 99
Leaves hush
Frogs open doors
As watches tick in pronation
Mother tilts Her face in divine rotation
Muted light
Pulling from above
Stardust in my ****** glove
Gives me reason to believe
We are all astronauts
I love the ambience and unique atmosphere that the night brings. I often go outside and feel as if I am in space, literally. Yet, I feel at home, despite the nostalgic and majestic feeling of being part of this universe. We are all astronauts.
Nelize Feb 2017
Do stars gather every night
For this dear mortal to absorb their delight?
Does their light patiently travel all those miles
Only for these eyes to absorb them with smiles?

Gravity of Force, gravity of Love
I wonder how much stardust twinkles in my ****** glove.

Grab a plate
Grab a drink
Fly if need be
Allow your thoughts to levitate among stars
Go outside and accompany them
Despite their countless numbers
Always being present
As if waiting for me to accompany them
As if without me they're incomplete
Happily flickering when they see me
Wanting me to be part of their story

Twinkling novas and dancing nebulas
Stars probably say, "there's Earth again, a merry go round, humans hide among rooftops and ground"
Numerous or singular, planetary or nebular
Human dust or stardust, neither of this matters
Humans in days, stars in miles
We all stories in the end

Eyes are windows of the soul,
Stars are windows of the universe abode
God's winking morse code
"Hi there, I see you"
Stars or souls, we're all stories in the end

Made in images of our Creator
So much so, even neuron clusters in human brains
Have similiar visual patterns of galactic clusters in heavenly terrain.

Sapiens city lights, interstellar starlights
So close, yet also, so far away
Sometimes I feel YHWH's eyes on me
The many, many thousands of starry eyes
As if God's out there and I'm just stardust
But YHWH is everywhere
Just like starry eyes

Gravity of Force, gravity of Love
I'm in God's story 'till the end.
Nelize Feb 2017
take*  this  to  heart  my  dear  valentine
'twas  ­never  meant  to  be  foreverly  mine
the  last  petal  fell
your  footprints  left  mine  

a  love   story  told  but  which  I'll  never  tell
hugs  in  mugs  have  now  grown  cold
a  cut  was  made  along  the  grape  vine  
th­is  love  story  that  will  never  be  told

it's  taken  my  heart  my  dear  valentine

win­e  glasses  were  drained  to  my  dearest  valenti­ne
a  sparkling  champagne  celebrated  that  time
sherry  go  round
whisk  it  away
now  cham-pain  drain  these  veins  of  mine
I  could  not  read  between  the  lines  anyway­

time  soothed  this  heart  now,  dear  valentine­
memories  have  spoken
it's  time  to  be  fine

take  this  to  heart  in  the  mean time
a  spirit  once  broken,  but  did  not  di­e
my  bittersweet  wine  now  petals  of  rosé

tim­e's  given  back  my  heart,  *valentine.
Nelize Dec 2016
let's*  take  a  drive  under the  moon
let's  hav­e  our  hair  taken  for  a  dance  in  warm no­cturnal  winds
let's  have  our  belt  of  love  ­conveyed  over  roads
around  the  world

let's  ta­ke  a  drive  under   the  moon
let's  have  our  hair  taken  for  a­  dance  by  rural  dust  devil  winds
let's  have  the  arch  of  orion's  belt  pass ­ us  by
as  we  catch  up  our  lives
on  whee­ls  around  the  world

let's  take  a  drive  un­der  the  sombre  skies
let's  have  our  hair  s­et  free  by  limitless  roofs  
of  fire  reds  ­and  icy  blues
among  the  belts  of  color  cre­ated  by  dawn  and  dusk
as  we  sail  over  t­he  salty  blue  table
and  dine  our  eyes  on ­ a  visual  reel
around  the  world

© Nelize 2016
Nelize Dec 2016
she*  lives  in  the  air,  the  foot  and  wheel-­driven  earth
her  beauty  in  the  breath  over  ­seas,  hurricanes,  tornadoes
the  boiling  hearth  in  rocky  mountains
her  mental  toil  all  over  the  earth's  soil­
in  words

she  is  a  writer,  her  soul  goes­  everywhere
where  she  has  written*
her  imagination  travels  with  you  everywhere
once  she  falls  in  love  with  you
you  will  never  die

she  is  a  writer
crickets  and  stars,  beetles  and  sun
her  wor­ds  of  love  have  spun
its  web  around  you
you  will  never  be  free  from  her  presence
­her  words  are  everywhere
this  is  she,  the  ­writer.

dropped  on  trees  of  paper
spilled  in  rivers  of  tears
exhaled  in  a  hungry  yet  appetite-free  breath­
as  her  fingers  bleed  that  heart  felt  emoti­on
on  the  next  note
she'll  be  a  fine  line ­ between  ******  and  memory
a  literal  pint  of  dopamine
she  might  one  day  only  be  a  memory

her  starry  starry  dream  for  ears  out  ther­e -
stepping  foot  marks  on  the  hearts  of  many­  around  the  world -
being  omnipresent  in  literature
to  all  who  need  a  pint  of  literature  do­pamine.

© Nelize 2016
She is everywhere. Where her mind goes, there she is present. She is everywhere in this world where her mind takes her. The inability to escape imminent heart ache in this world drives her imagination to places that heal her heart. An imagination gifted to her by her Creator, to help conquer the pain in this world. That writer is me.
Nelize Dec 2016
I*  love  to  hear  how  Ocean  breathes
waves  cr­ash  as  Sea  exhales
from  afar,  where  you  are,  perhaps  you  can­  hear

salty  breeze  come  kiss  my  face
wrap  my  feet  in  warm  beige  sand
a  sight  to  my  eyes,  to  see  this  face:
as  the  sun  blushes,  a  sunset  so  grand
sh­e'll  soon  hide  her  face
under  the  mighty  blue  table  that  is  the  ­sea
palm  leaves  wave  goodbye  to  Sun
as  she  tells  the  seagulls  to  guard  her  ­Ocean

as  I  look  at  layered  salty  scapes ...
my  figure  hides  in  three  storied  bricked ­ cliff
the  Ocean,  so  solemly  tranquil
a  blue­  face,  beige  chin  and  forest  green  beard
... as  the  Ocean  has  gifted  me  this  romantic  ­sight

as  the  salt  waves  corrode  at  the  c­lock
I  see  a  path  form  over  this  blue  face
high  tides  give  way  to  a  silver  line  pa­th
yielding  in  luminant  reflection  to  Moon

Moon­   cried  this  tear  path  across  Ocean's  face
hoping  to  meet  me,  but  stops  in  the  for­est  beard -
until  Sun  gifts  me  another  day  in  grace
Ocean,  grant  me  this  sight  again
to  witness  the  romance  of  Sun  and  Ocean
as  I  wait  for  Moon  to  once  again
cross ­ a  chrome  path  across  the  waters
to  meet  ­with  me  again.

Nelize  ©  *2016
As a city girl, I long to see the ocean again, with the sunsets and the quiet moon with crickets chiming. A time to clear my head from endless pain and haunting memories from the days I spent with my former love in Cape Town, SA, in December last year.  Therefore, I yearn for a different love to romance me - the sight of the ocean, my art, my love for words, and the beautiful gift I have... my eyes.
Nelize Dec 2016
I searched for God in the sounds of the seas
oscillating butterfly wings
clinging of communion wine glasses
page after page after page in libraries
children laughing
ghastly howls of tornadoes
calls of wild birds

I listened to the rumbling of my inner wars,
I did not hear Adonai's voice there
until I opened the Bible ...

I heard Job loudly grieving his colossal losses
Jonah's boat crushed in a sea creature's mouth
crusty sound of Lot turning into stone
Samson pulling pillars apart
Daniel whimpering among surrounding lion growls
cries of women and children killed
blood dripping from the sword that beheaded John
whiplash echoes, soldiers spitting on Jesus
the rooster's third cry.. then Peter's cry
coins rattling in Judas' pocket
Mary mourning her son's death
warm dry winds blowing in 40 years of desert wastelands

and then I heard

the burning bush and Moses taking off his sandals
roaring thunders turn into calm waters
David singing palms
clapping dove wings, ascending down on Jesus
waters and rejoicing of baptised folks
waving palm leaves and announces "Hosannah!"
the pounding feet of a lame man now leaping
breaking of bread at the feast of the Table
rolling away of the Jesus' tomb stone

and then I know what I will hear one day...
well  done  my  good  and  faithful  servant
until­ then...
be  still  and  know  that  I  am  *God
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