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Feb 2017
Do stars gather every night
For this dear mortal to absorb their delight?
Does their light patiently travel all those miles
Only for these eyes to absorb them with smiles?

Gravity of Force, gravity of Love
I wonder how much stardust twinkles in my ****** glove.

Grab a plate
Grab a drink
Fly if need be
Allow your thoughts to levitate among stars
Go outside and accompany them
Despite their countless numbers
Always being present
As if waiting for me to accompany them
As if without me they're incomplete
Happily flickering when they see me
Wanting me to be part of their story

Twinkling novas and dancing nebulas
Stars probably say, "there's Earth again, a merry go round, humans hide among rooftops and ground"
Numerous or singular, planetary or nebular
Human dust or stardust, neither of this matters
Humans in days, stars in miles
We all stories in the end

Eyes are windows of the soul,
Stars are windows of the universe abode
God's winking morse code
"Hi there, I see you"
Stars or souls, we're all stories in the end

Made in images of our Creator
So much so, even neuron clusters in human brains
Have similiar visual patterns of galactic clusters in heavenly terrain.

Sapiens city lights, interstellar starlights
So close, yet also, so far away
Sometimes I feel YHWH's eyes on me
The many, many thousands of starry eyes
As if God's out there and I'm just stardust
But YHWH is everywhere
Just like starry eyes

Gravity of Force, gravity of Love
I'm in God's story 'till the end.
Written by
Nelize  South Africa
(South Africa)   
   Lior Gavra
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