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Mar 2018
Mother turns cold as the light rotates
Revealing a dome of shining eyes
Moon crescent glisten, as I listen
Nachtmusic now turned on:
Crickets' overture
City car whispers on highway 99
Leaves hush
Frogs open doors
As watches tick in pronation
Mother tilts Her face in divine rotation
Muted light
Pulling from above
Stardust in my ****** glove
Gives me reason to believe
We are all astronauts
I love the ambience and unique atmosphere that the night brings. I often go outside and feel as if I am in space, literally. Yet, I feel at home, despite the nostalgic and majestic feeling of being part of this universe. We are all astronauts.
Written by
Nelize  South Africa
(South Africa)   
     AC, Γ‰milie Murray and Skye Marshmallow
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