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Dec 2016
I searched for God in the sounds of the seas
oscillating butterfly wings
clinging of communion wine glasses
page after page after page in libraries
children laughing
ghastly howls of tornadoes
calls of wild birds

I listened to the rumbling of my inner wars,
I did not hear Adonai's voice there
until I opened the Bible ...

I heard Job loudly grieving his colossal losses
Jonah's boat crushed in a sea creature's mouth
crusty sound of Lot turning into stone
Samson pulling pillars apart
Daniel whimpering among surrounding lion growls
cries of women and children killed
blood dripping from the sword that beheaded John
whiplash echoes, soldiers spitting on Jesus
the rooster's third cry.. then Peter's cry
coins rattling in Judas' pocket
Mary mourning her son's death
warm dry winds blowing in 40 years of desert wastelands

and then I heard

the burning bush and Moses taking off his sandals
roaring thunders turn into calm waters
David singing palms
clapping dove wings, ascending down on Jesus
waters and rejoicing of baptised folks
waving palm leaves and announces "Hosannah!"
the pounding feet of a lame man now leaping
breaking of bread at the feast of the Table
rolling away of the Jesus' tomb stone

and then I know what I will hear one day...
well  done  my  good  and  faithful  servant
until­ then...
be  still  and  know  that  I  am  *God
Written by
Nelize  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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