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Aug 9 · 74
it's dark tonight
no signs of light
scared? no, i get used to,
this kind of thing is never new.
alone in the dark.
Aug 5 · 202
dark clouds are the only thing i see
when i look up to the sky tonight,
"where's the moon?" i blurted
cold breeze answered me.
this poem is in my notes
Jul 29 · 454
everything become dull when you left me
i hate that, it's a never ending storm, a haunting fear.
eyes filled with tears, as i cry myself to sleep
hoping and wishing every morning, you come back for me.
still hoping and wishing...
Jul 23 · 196
the pain from punching the wall
i can't feel them
what i feel is more than than
knuckles are bleeding
heart is shattering
head is breaking
thoughts are overflowing
soul is ripping
im bruised.
Jul 16 · 112
maybe people are destined to meet
because they need lessons from each other to keep
not realizing the memories from that person
can **** you inside together with your passion
Jul 14 · 263
i can feel my eyes are getting heavy
my vision's also blurry
but my head is still filled with thoughts,
and i wonder, when will these unsaid things be told?
it's hard to say what you truly feel
Jul 13 · 153
what am i?
am i important? just like the other people?
and then, i started questioning my worth
just like that tears escape again from my eyes
questions and thoughts like those filled my head
overthinking really got me spared
i wrote this last night, just needed a release from everything
Jul 11 · 132
no matter what
series of questions are tangled in my head
consisting of why and what ifs
heart is breaking into pieces every second of time
but still, here i am, waiting and hoping.
i'm gonna wait for you munggo.
Jul 10 · 160
i'm staring at the moon
thinking of us
and as the night gets deeper and darker
i'm drifted into a random thought;

"how long will beautiful things stay in this world?"
Jul 9 · 108
tormenting thoughts are eating me;
ripping my brain,
cracking my skull,
shredding each into small pieces,
torturing me in every chance it got but still manages to keep me alive
munggo read it first.
Jul 9 · 564
shallow water,
the tide would go back in and out
i saw you, you were floating
while me, i just kept sinking down and down
no matter how hard i tried,
i couldn't get up.
Jul 9 · 252
it's been a while
and now i guess, i'm ready to try
so, i grab a paper and a pen
divulging my thoughts and emotions about you again.

— The End —