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I wish I could remember
The day that we first met
But then I'm comforted realizing
I never remember my life without you being in it

Then I think to myself...
I want your presence in my life to last forever
I am the sunflower that
grows in your garden,
and worships you like the sun
That moment when you’re somewhere between sleep and awake. That moment on a roller coaster as you drop at almost a 90° angle and your adrenaline surges. Your favorite song on the radio in the summer, when your windows are down and you’re singing along. The warmth and comfort that envelops you as you snuggle into bed. A sunrise. The moon rise. The galaxy of stars on a clear night in your small home town.
All of these things and feelings
You are every one of them, combined.
I want to study the universe,
I love it so much that it makes me happy when I think of it.
I get curious what's happening everyday.
Yes, I want to study the universe,
But I don't want to be an astronomer,
Because the universe that I want to study is Youniverse.
"I been calling your name in this universe. But I need no space, I got youniverse"-Namjoon from Heartbeat.
We only live once, my father once said
But I say, we only love once
For ever since I met you, I have had no affection for another
Your Love pulled me, and just like a song, I danced to its rhythm
I fell into a trance, and just like a puppet, you bent me to your will
You had me by your fingertips, my heart in your mercy
I became a slave, my only job to guard your heart
Drunk in your love I made a promise, a promise to be your shield if you became my heart
I wish I could lie besides you
And make the world okay
That I could chase off all the demons
And make a better day
I wish I could take your struggles
And clear them all away
I wish to show you a better future
To make you want to stay

I know the world has beat you down
I can see it in your eyes
The hidden truths and mental ails
Some things you can't disguise
And I know the world looks bleak as hell
And your future seems filled with lies
I wish I could give you a way out
With plans and words wise

But I know that I am only a single soul
Alone I can not give you aid
And I too struggle to stay alive with all
The demons my mind made
And the prejudices of this world brought both us down
Sharper than razor's blade
But through all the hell of our apocalypse
I will make you glad you stayed
Written about my partner and myself. The future looks bleak and with both of us being queer, neurodivergent, and unable to get jobs or keep up with classes, some/most days can be a struggle. But no matter what, I want to face the future with them by my side.
the way you say my name has become my favourite melody

my voice saying yours becomes the chorus
I love you
Eyes, those deep brown eyes
dance around
but stay calm, quiet, docile
as they meet mine.

Mouth like a child
your voice like a wave, it ripples across the room,
I can see the desert island and the palm trees.

Nose, ears, cheeks, jaw
carved by the Gods.

You amaze me
I'll always be by your side no matter what
I'll be there
to comfort you during the difficult times
when your upset
when you feel like crying
you can always depend on me
I'm right the when you need me
I'll come immediately when you call or if you need a sholder to cry on
I'll always be by your side
When you are hurt or sad so am I
When your down I get a deep cut in my heart
if you want to scream I'll be right next to you screaming along
I love you and that's never going to change
I'll always protect you from anything
because I love you
I'll never give you up because I believe I am the only one that can bring you joy
no matter what happens I'll always be by your side
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